About Us

David S Martin

Hello good people, my name is David S. Martin. I am a freelance tech blogger. Before starting blogging, I had a full-time job in an IT company where I used to work as a system analyst. But I quit my full-time job to pursue a more flexible job that eventually leads me to the blogging world. I have been in this field for over 10 years now.

Being a curious person about everything, I like to learn novel ideas and beautiful things happening around the world. Be it space, science, technology, or politics, my instinct compels me to grasp new things. But my passion is technology related to laptops, tablets, MacBooks, Chromebooks, and Windows notebooks.

About the Blog:

I have started this blog with a view to sharing knowledge that I have acquired from my long professional career. This blog will provide you with useful information about technology-related trends worldwide, particularly laptops. Here, I will basically try to provide solutions to your tech-related problems.

Sometimes I get questions that are beyond my expertise level and scope. In such cases, I gather information from industry experts with whom I have affiliation from my previous and current professional career, analyze that information, and make the solutions available to my audience.

About the Blog Sections:

1: Queries and Solutions

In this section, I try to answer your queries related to tech problems.

2: Brands

In this section, I try to provide solutions to queries specific to different brands like Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, etc.

3: Reviews

This is the section where I review the tech products of popular brands.