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Do Air Pods Charge Faster when Plugged In? (quick Guide)

Like any other earbuds, you have to charge your AirPods after a certain period. However, AirPods are unique, and they have incredible popularity across the world. So, the craze and curiosity both are beyond imagination. 

One of the most common concerns about Apple AirPods is charging them. As a new AirPods user, you might be thinking, Do AirPods charge faster when plugged in? Or How long does it take to charge AirPods? Well, we’re here for you. 

Do AirPods charge faster when plugged in?

As we all know, the charging case of AirPods has a built-in battery that holds multiple full charges for earbuds. When you need to charge the earbuds, you have to put them in the charging case. That means the only way to charge your AirPods is to keep them inside the case, and they’ll take charge from the case. 

However, the question is if you put AirPods inside the case when it is plugged in, the charging speed will increase or not. The answer is no, and the charging speed will be the same no matter the case is plugged in or not.

In short, the charging case works as a medium to transfer the charge to the AirPods. So, charging your AirPods will take a similar time whether the case is plugged in or not. Apart from this, the case charges earbuds separately. That means you can charge the left or right earbuds only by keeping them inside the case. 

So, keep your AirPods inside the case when you’re far from any power outlet. It will keep your AirPods charged as far as the charging case has enough charge to transfer. You can charge the case and earbuds simultaneously by plugging the case via an Apple Lightning cable. 

Nevertheless, the charging speed can be increased if you use a USB to Lightning Cable, a USB-C to Lightning Cable, and an iPad USB charger or iPhone. 

How do AirPods charge so fast?

If you notice your AirPods are charging so fast, you shouldn’t be wondering at all. It may seem they are charging abnormally fast in open eyes, but technically, the scenario is different. First up, Apple AirPods and Apple Pencil come with small batteries.

They feature an excellent technology that reduces power consumption and increases runtime from a small battery. You can call fast charging an illusion because it charges fast due to its small battery capacity. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge AirPods?

You might not frequently check when charging is complete when you know the time required to charge your AirPods. Generally, AirPods take a short time for a full charge.

However, there is no official statement about the exact time, but numerous users feedback and consultant’s opinions have fixed a stable time. Usually, AirPods take 20 to 30 minutes to be fully charged. But the twist is that you’ll get a 50% charge within 15 minutes, and sometimes, charging for just 5 minutes can give you one-hour playtime

Final Words

You might have got a clarified idea about whether AirPods charge fast when the case is plugged in. So, the moral is that you should keep your earbuds inside the case when the case is plugged in. Doing so will keep your AirPods, and the charging case fully charged simultaneously.

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