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How to remove the battery from laptop? | All Laptops Covered!

Have you ever faced a situation where your laptop keeps getting hanged, and you cannot even restart it? Then there is a quick unorthodox method where you need to remove the battery and insert it again.

You may need to remove a laptop battery for many other reasons. But, how exactly can you remove the battery from laptop? Before removing a laptop battery, you need to understand that all laptops are different. The battery removing process can vary.

Hence, if you are searching for how to remove battery from laptop, then you are in the correct place. Today, we will discuss how you can remove the battery on the most popular and common laptop brands.

Generally, Asus laptops are rated about 3-5 years of usage on average. After this period, your battery will probably be going to be drained faster, and you continuously need to carry your power brick everywhere you go.

There are several ways to access the battery, depending on the model of your ASUS laptop. There are two types of laptops in general. If the battery is removable, there is an access hatch to remove it. However, if the battery is not removable, there is no hatch, and disassembly is required.

Hence, down below, we will see how to remove battery from ASUS laptop for both removal and fixed battery options.

Asus laptops with removable batteries

The first and foremost step is disconnecting your laptop from your charging outlet and turning it off. Flip your laptop over and look for the latches to the battery hatch, which is usually placed on the sides of the battery. Finally, remove the battery by opening the latches.

Asus laptops with built-in battery

  • Like the laptops with removal battery, you first need to disconnect the laptop, turn it off, and flip the laptop.
  • After flipping the laptop, open all the screws on the back part; you can use a Philips screwdriver.
  • Gently push open the area between the laptop’s bottom case and the keyboard using a regular screwdriver or a card.
  • Be aware that a cable joins the keyboard and the bottom casing when you try to separate them. Before you disconnect it, you’ll need to unhook one of its connectors carefully.
  • The battery is usually found under the keyboard, next to your screen, and is also connected to your computer via a connector.
  • Remove the batteries with extreme caution. All of the batteries should be connected together, and make sure to get them all out as a single unit.
  • Make sure the black plastic protecting the batteries isn’t ripped. Explosions can occur when battery parts are exposed. Suppose the case is torn, re-wrap it or dispose of it properly. Please do not use them again.

How to remove battery from hp laptop?

It is often seen that removing batteries from HP laptops is much easier compared to other laptops. Just like other laptops, Hp laptops also have removal or non-removal battery, and the process of removing batteries from them varies.

So, down below, let us see how to remove the battery from the HP laptop.

HP laptops with removable battery

Make sure your computer is turned off and unplugged from any electrical outlets. After that, check the bottom of the HP laptop and slide the battery removal bottom to the right; the battery will eject itself.

HP laptops with built-in battery

  • Disconnect the laptop from any power source and turn it off.
  • Most new HP laptops need removing the back panel before removing the battery, depending on the model you’re using. This can be done with either a screwdriver or a laptop opening kit.
  • Now you need to remove the rubber feet at the back panel using a plastic opening tool.
  • Now you will have access to the battery. Remove the screws holding the battery using any regular screwdriver.
  • Don’t pull out the battery yet, and there can be cables attached to the battery. Disconnect all the wires.
  • After disconnecting all the screws and connectors, pull out the battery from the laptop using a plastic card.
  • While removing the battery from the HP laptop, always make sure not to damage any wrapping or cables.

How to remove battery from Dell laptop?

Most new laptops uses lithium-ion batteries, and Dell laptops are no different. Lithium-ion batteries can often swell due to many reasons charge cycles, heat and even battery aging..

While a swollen battery pack is not dangerous, refrain yourself from using damaged batteries. In case your laptop battery starts to swell, we recommend that you should remove and replace your battery.

Just like HP and Asus, Dell laptops also have the removal and built-in battery. Let us see how to remove battery from the dell laptop.

Dell laptops with removal battery

It is always easier to open Dell laptops’ battery that comes with removal batteries just like all other laptops. As with all other laptops, turn off the laptop first and turn the laptop upside down.

You will find battery unlock switches at the backside. You will only need to slide the switches in an unlocking position and remove the battery.

Dell laptops with built-in battery

  • Turn off the laptop and disconnect the laptop from all power sources and turn the laptop upside down.
  • Use a Torx T5 screwdriver to take away all the screws; there can be 8-20 screws in base cover. Make sure to remove all the screws properly.
  • Isolate the base cover from the PC with a spudger or prying tool. Begin at the lowest corners and work your way to the middle of the bottom edge, after that, up the cover from the corner.
  • Remove the screws holding the battery using a Philips screwdriver and detach it from the motherboard. The ribbon wire is attached to the battery’s top right corner, and you can lift the connector up with your fingernail.
  • Now your battery is detached; you can remove it. However, do make sure that all the tape at the bottommost of the battery is removed correctly.

How to remove battery from Lenovo laptop?

Lenovo is a pretty well-known brand for laptops. They have been known to perform very well for many years. However, it can be necessary to remove and replace the Lenovo laptop battery after years of usage.

So, how to remove battery from the Lenovo laptop? The answer is straightforward; just follow the steps that will be discussed below.

Lenovo laptops with removal battery

If your laptop is connected, the most critical step is to unplug it or disconnect the power line. After that, flip your laptop over and face the bottom. You can locate the battery latch battery on the laptop’s base after turning it.

Slide the latch switch to the opposite side in the unlocking position and hold it open before releasing it to remove the battery. The battery is now free and easy to remove; however, you must do so gently with your fingertips.

Lenovo laptops with built-in battery

  • To begin, detach the laptop from all of its connections. Turn your laptop to its back.
  • After that, take a screwdriver and get rid of all of the screws from the rear (flathead screwdrivers work for practically all Lenovo laptops).  Make sure to remove the optical drive before removing the back cover.
  • Your laptop’s battery will be located here, either on the top or bottom panel. You’ll also find several screws connecting the battery to the laptop. Then use a Philips head screwdriver to remove all of these screws.
  • Don’t pull out your battery yet, and you will find cables connecting your laptop to the battery. Very carefully unplug these cables and pull out your battery. You are done.

How to remove battery from Acer laptop?

According to Acer, users should not try to replace internal batteries by themselves and suggest that only an authorized repair facility should replace the internal battery. However, you do not need to take the hassle of going to a repair shop and spending money to remove the battery.

You can easily remove the battery from the Acer laptop. Follow these steps carefully down below, and all your confusion regarding removing battery from the Acer laptop will be clarified.

Acer laptops with removal battery

Before beginning any removal process, you need to turn off your laptop just as you do with other laptops. After that, unplug your laptop from any power source and flip the laptop.

To expel the battery, slide the battery release clasp to the right. The battery lock should now be in the unlock position. You can now remove the battery by pulling it out.

Acer laptops with built-in battery

  • Turn off the Acer laptop and unplug the power cord.
  • Turn the laptop over once it has been shut down.
  • Now you will need a screwdriver to remove all the screws in the backside; you can find anywhere from 7-20 screws. Be careful enough to remove all of them.
  • Carefully remove both rubber pads, which will hide a few of the screws, with a plastic card or a laptop opening tool. Then remove those remaining screws.
  • It’s time to raise the cover. If the lid is stuck, pry the sides out using a spudger tool.
  • Find the battery ribbon connector first, then carefully pull the ribbon cable connecting the battery to the motherboard outwards.
  • You’ll see a few screws holding the battery to the motherboard after removing the connecting ribbon. Remove these screws using a Philips head screwdriver.
  • Then pull away from the battery the four retaining clamps and remove the battery from the motherboard with care.

Necessary Precautions that you must take while removing laptop battery

No matter which laptop battery you are removing, there are a few safety precautions that you must take while taking out the battery. The battery is a sensitive component, and surely you do not want to damage it.

  • Be cautious while using the spudger near the motherboard since it can easily be destroyed.
  • Before pulling out the battery, always make sure to check for any additional cables, connectors, or screws. You can easily tear out any necessary connectors while pulling out the battery.
  • Always use the recommended screwdrivers according to the screw size, do not force open the screws.
  • When you open the back cover, clean the inside compartments for dust and debris before inserting back the battery.


Today, in this article, we discussed how to remove laptop battery. Even though the procedure is nearly the same for most laptop brands, but it can vary a bit from brand to brand.

Hence, we talked about battery removing procedures for most of the familiar and renowned brands. Never rush your work while removing batteries. It is critical work, and you surely do not want to damage any components by rushing. Follow each step carefully that we stated above while working.

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