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Why Are My AirPods Flashing Red? | Solved!

Wonder why the lights on your Airpdos are flashing red? Why is it that there is always a red light in your life! Starting from your love life, the traffic signal, and now your beloved AirPods. A red light means you should stop. And you thought at least your Airpods won’t ditch on you.

Now what? Should you stop listening to your Airpods? After all the time you have spent together, in the subway, in the gym, and those romantic lonely nights listening to music. Well, it’s not all over. Maybe your Airopds needs some care and trying to get your attention through the flashing red lights. Let’s figure out why.

Common Reasons Why Your Airpods Might Be Flashing Red

Below are a few of the most common reasons which cause Airpods to showcase flashing red lights.

Low Charge

The first and most obvious reason for your Airpods to show flashing red lights is being low in charge. There are two components of your Airpods that need to be changed frequently. One is the earbuds themselves and the other is the charging case.

Now if you find red light blicking from your Airpod charging case, chances are it’s running low on juice. What you need to do under such circumstances is to connect the Airpod case with a Magsafe wireless charger or any compatible wired charger. Hopefully, your Airpods will be flashing green lights once it gets fully charged.


Error While Storing Airpods

Another common reason to see red lights on the AirPods case is due to mismatch while storage. This happens when you mix up the orientation of the Airpods during placing them in the case. Besides, this can also happen if your AirPods get exchanged with someone else’s. Since the earbuds look almost similar, it’s not unusual to mistake your friend’s AirPods to be yours at a party.

Delay In Firmware Update

Though you will rarely find any software glitches on Apple products, they may appear if your AirPods are not up to date. This may also result in your Airpods flashing red lights. Apples offer software updated for its Aipods that helps eliminate bugs and improve performance. Keep along with the latest updates and you will find fewer issues with your Apple Airpods



Frequently Asked Questions

What Does flashing light in AirPods mean?

Answer: The flashing lights in your Airpods represent the status of the case. For instance, green light denotes full charge and amber lights denote low.

Why is my right AirPod so quiet?

Answer: If your right Airpod is sounding less than the left, chances are there is dirt on the speaker mesh.

Why are my AirPods flashing white and not connecting?

Answer: Aipods show white flashlights after they have been reset so you need to pair them up again to connect.


Airpods are amazing little gadgets that offer so much to their users. It’s praiseworthy how much tech Apple has been able to stuff inside such small devices. That being said, with features on board, you need more knowledge today to operate a pair of these pocket gems.

Airpods flashing green, white and red are common problems users face while using them.

A good way to know more about your Airpods would be to go through the instruction manual. Besides, you will also find plenty of user instructions on Apple’s website. Hope this article has provided you with enough info to have the red lights on your Airpods fixed. You can also visit Apple’s customer care in case you don’t find the solution with the methods mentioned today.

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