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Airpods Blinking White | Fixed!

Apple AirPods have a huge fan base. The wireless earbuds have made our life so much easier. We don’t need to worry about breaking the cables, entangling ourselves with them anymore. However, it’s common to run into some troubles with it every now and then.

The charging case blinks a white light when it is on pairing mode and when a connection is formed, it stops blinking. Sometimes, the Airpods case keeps blinking white light even after the AirPods have been paired. It means the AirPods will not connect.

This is frustrating, but thankfully, this issue can be solved, and we are here to tell you how. Sit back and read the article as we tell you how to fix this white blinking light issue so you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs on your AirPods again.

The AirPods keep blinking white when they fail to connect for some reason. There may be many reasons behind it. For example, an outdated firmware, lack of charge, Bluetooth is turned off on your device, etc., when the AirPod flashes white, you cannot connect them with your devices. Whatever the problem is, we will help you fix it.

There are 2 things you can do when your AirPods don’t stop blinking white. You can try reconnecting the earbuds and checking some things- which we will cover shortly. You can also reset the AirPods completely.

What to do if you cannot connect your AirPods to your iPhone/iPad?

• First, make sure that your iDevice is running the latest firmware version (iOS, iPadOS).

• Put both of the earbuds in the charging case and charge them fully.

• Check the Bluetooth setting on your device and make sure it is on.

• Confirm that the AirPods are selected as your audio device. If the AirPod appears in the list of devices but doesn’t connect, follow the next step.

• Shut the lid of the charging case for 15 seconds and then open it. Press on the setup button and hold it until the status led light flashes white.

• Now that your AirPods are in pairing mode try connecting again. In order to do that, hold the case close to your Apple device and open the lid.

• You have to follow the instructions shown on the screen to connect your AirPods.

• Test the AirPods, and if you still have the problem, you need to reset the earbuds.

How to solve AirPods connection problem on Mac?

• Make sure that your Mac is running on the latest macOS version.

• Place both of the earbuds in the charging case and ensure they are charging.

• Go to system preferences by clicking on the Apple icon on the home screen. Open Bluetooth settings and make sure it is turned on.

• Choose the AirPods as your audio device. If the AirPods are not connected, click on the cross (X) button next to the AirPods to remove them from the list of connected devices.

• Shut the lid of the case and wait for 15 seconds. Press the Setup button on the back and hold it until the status light starts blinking white.

• Bring the charging case close to the Mac while keeping the earbuds inside of it.

• Follow the onscreen instructions and try connecting your AirPods. If you still have the problem, reset your AirPods.

Reset the AirPods

Resetting the AirPods should fix all kinds of problems. It’s the best and the last solution when it comes to troubleshooting your AirPods. Here are the things you should do.

• Put the earbuds in the charging case and close the lid.

• Open the lid of the case after 30 seconds.

• Go to the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone/iPad and tap the i button next to the AirPods.

• After that, tap on Forget this device and tap on confirm.

• Now, keep the lid of the case open and press the Setup button for around 15 seconds. The status light will turn amber and then white.

• Try reconnecting the AirPods now. Keep the lid open and place the case close to your Apple device. Now, follow the onscreen instructions. Your AirPods or Airpods pro should now be reset and work properly.


AirPods may blink white sometimes, you may even experience Airpods blinking red light or Airpods flashing orange. Besides, Airpods flashing green light or amber light is also common. It has happened to many people. TWS are convenient, but they come with some problems like this as well. Don’t worry. If you face similar kinds of problems, try the solutions we recommended in this article. Hopefully, your problem will be solved. Thanks for reading.

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