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Why Are My Airpods Low Battery Sound so Loud? | Fixed!

Airpods are one of the best investments you can make if you are an iPhone user. Airpods supports android devices and other Bluetooth devices too, but you will need an Apple device to gain its full functionality. If you already own a pair of Airpods, then you will be familiar with the loud battery low warning sound it plays when the battery is low. Here we will discuss this problematic scenario and try to come up with a viable solution.

Do AirPods Make Noise when Battery is Low?

Airpods will give a little warning sound when the battery is nearly drained out. This alert sound is carried out when the AirPods battery is at 20, 10, and 5 percent. At this percentage, the iPhone that is connected with the AirPods will get a notification for low battery. This battery’s low warning sound is always louder than the volume that is set for the AirPods. If you listen to music with the AirPods and the battery becomes low, the alert sound rings higher than the music itself. This extremely loud noise makes the listening experience annoying and sometimes may even hurt your ears.

How to Make My AirPods Low Battery Sound Quieter?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for the extremely loud noise for the Airpods battery low alert. The low battery sound will play at its default volume. It cannot be changed using the AirPods app on the iPhone.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent the loud battery low sound:

1. Always keep the AirPods over 20 percent battery charge.

2. Keep the volume as low as possible while listening to the AirPods.

3. Keep checking the battery of the AirPods while listening to them so that it doesn’t drop below 20 percent.


How to Make My Airpods Sound Better?

Here are some tips to improve the sound quality of your Airpods:

1. Update your AirPods to the latest software.

2. Try to keep the charge over 50 percent. If your AirPods have more power, they can use that power to produce better quality sound.

3. Clean your AirPods regularly.

4. Turn off the noise cancellation feature on your Airpods.

5. You may get better results by taking the ear-tip fit test recommended by Apple.

6. You can use the sound equalizer to set the AirPods with the type of music you listen to.

7. You can also adjust the music using the sound equalizer from the music player.

8. To get a better fit for your ears, you can buy memory ear tip foams for the AirPods. Many third-party companies sell them in online shops.

How to Make My AirPods Sound Louder?

If your AirPods are not loud enough for your taste, here are some tips that you can follow to get your AirPods louder:

1. Keep the AirPods fully charged before you turn it on.

2. If the AirPods are on low power mode, then put the AirPods back to regular power mode by turning off the low power mode.

3. The equalizer for the AirPods might suppress the sound coming out of the AirPods—turn of the equalizer settings to get a louder sound.

4. Check the volume adjust the volume to your desired loudness. You will need to connect the AirPods to an iPhone to control volume.

5. Turn off the volume limit option if it’s on.


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