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Airpods Pro Fake Vs Real! 07 Ways to Detect Fake Airpods Pro!

It’s finally arrived. The Airpods Pro you were long waiting for. The ultimate prize took around 30 days to be delivered from overseas. Its packaging looks shiny and the AirPods even better. But all the excitement faded away the moment you put them on your ears. 

Does AirPods Pro sound this bad? Well yes, they do when they are fake. It is heartbreaking to spend your hard-earned money on a fake product. So below are a few differences you can expect to find between a fake or clone Airpods Pro and a fake one.

Origin of Fake Airpods

Apple has been a brand associated with people’s lifestyles for a long time. Their products are not only better in terms of performance but also terms of aesthetics. All this has made Apple products prone to being replicated or made copy off. 

The Airpods Pro is no exception. Since its release, due to the high demand, many of the dishonest manufacturers have jumped on in the act of manufacturing replicas. Though the fake Airpods Pro were easily recognizable at a time, the scenario is different now. Cause with time and effort comes perfection. 

Modern-day fakes or clones of Airpods Pro are extremely hard to distinguish. This allows sellers to take advantage of offline and online marketplaces to sell these devices at a much higher profit. On the other hand, with the finishing offered on the fake Airpods, it’s easy to guess how you might get easily baffled.  

Differences Between Fake And Real Airpods Pro

Not all fake Airpods are the same. They differ according to manufacturing quality and packaging. Here are a few differences you will find between the well-planed clone AirPods Pro and the real one. 


What you will find with most fake and real AirPods Pro is that the packaging is almost the same. They come with a nice shiny box wrapped in plastic with the usual AirPods photo on them. The Apple logo on the sides also looks quite similar. 

The difference you might find in the fake ones is the absence of the plastic peeling spot like on the real ones. Notice on the right box in the image there is a nice peeling option for your ease. Fake Airpods don’t usually put all that thought into details thus skip in this feature on the packaging. 

User Manual

The next major difference you might find with a clone AirPods pro is on the user manual. Like in the picture the real ones have AirPods Pro mentioned at the beginning while the fake ones only mention ios. 

Charging Case

The charging case was once an easy catch for fake AirPods. But over time, the clones have reached up to the same level as the real ones in terms of looks. The color, the hinge, the ports everything looks identical to the point you might find no difference. 

But there are a few spots where the faults are still visible. This includes the LED lighting on the cases. The LEDs on the real one almost line up to the exterior surface while on the fake ones they are placed a bit deeper. 

Serial No On Charging Case

The serial no is found once you open up the charging case. Besides you can also find the serial no in the packaging. A quick test to do here would be to match the serial no on both the case and on the packaging. 

But a matching serial no alone is not enough to prove an Airpods being real. Master clones of Airpods nowadays have matching serial no. That being said, you will notice a slight difference in the color of the font just like shown in the picture above. 


The build quality on many of these fake or clone AirPods Pro may surprise you. They are almost similar to look at when compared to real ones. The finishing of the plastic and ear tips look and feel exactly like the real deal. 

Here also you will be able to figure out the same dissimilarities in the case of serial no. Take a good look and you will find that the font on the fake Airpods is bold and dark while on the real one is a bit lighter. 

Noise Cancellation

One thing you will notice right out the box in the case of fake Airpods is the failure of Noise Cancellation. It’s hard for someone who has never experienced noise cancellation before. On the contrary, good expertise in using noise cancellation earphones will allow you to catch the lackings in seconds. 

Sound Quality

It’s obvious that any fake product won’t offer you the same performance as the original one. Now in terms of sounds, you will find mixed opinions. The sound on these fakes AirPods may range from complete crap to almost similar respectable outputs on good quality clones. But even on top-quality clones, you will find lackings in base and clarity. 

How To Authenticate AirPods Pro From Apple’s Website?

Besides all the methods mentioned above, you can also have your AirPods Pro using Apple’s website. For this, you need to find the serial no in the places mentioned before and use it for authentication. Simply visit and you will find an option to enter your product serial no for authentication. 


Phew. This was a tough one. The differences between fake and real Airpods are becoming hard to find out as they figure out new ways to deceive consumers. And with new ways to sell fake goods both online and offline, the fake Aripods businesses don’t look like ending anytime soon. So it’s on you to keep your eyes and mind sharp so that you don’t end up purchasing fake Airpods Pro.

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