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How to Connect Airpods to Oculus Quest?

If you are trying to connect your Oculus Quest with your Airpods but don’t know how to do it then just read this article and follow the simple eight steps described with figures. It will solve your problem within minutes.

  1. Firstly, press and hold the button at the back of the airpod case until it is discoverable. Make sure both the airpods are in the case and the case is open.


  • Turn on your oculus quest and wear it.

2-1024x386-7266537 Quick Settings Menu on Home Page

  • Click on “Quick Settings” by the clock.

3-1024x372-7236684 Settings Menu

  • Then click on “Settings”.

4-1024x425-2157367 Experimental Features Menu

  • After that click on “Experimental Features”.

5-1-1024x423-6317130 Bluetooth Pairing Menu

  • Now scroll down to Bluetooth pairing and click on the “Pair”.

6-1024x430-8311285 List of Devices on Pair New Device Page

  • Make sure air pods are in pairing mode. Click on “Pair new device”. Wait until you see your device.

7-4572678 Final Prompt to pair your device

  • Click on your device after it appears on the list. It will prompt you to pair or cancel. Click on “Pair”.

Within a moment you will see the name of your device on the lists of connected devices. Now wear your Airpods and enjoy. Your air pods are now connected.

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