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How to disable keyboard on a Laptop

While using computers and laptops, you should keep in mind their breaking down or not functioning well. It may be due to some technical problem lying inside the same hardware or breaking down in case of falling. In either case, it comes with a financial burden that you may have to bear for replacing. Although the same is the case with laptop keyboards that can malfunction, yet luckily you can disable the laptop keyboard instead of changing it. It saves you money attached to changing it.

Sometimes it happens that the keyboard starts functioning randomly and does not accept any command. In that case, you can disable your laptop keyboard. Instead of changing it, you can use a built-in keyboard or a cheap USB keyboard. Except for money, few people do not want to go through the trouble of changing it. Due to time shortage or emergency use, people may choose to disable their laptop keyboard over changing or repairing it.


In that case, few questions demand answers. How to disable laptop keyboard? How to turn off the keyboard on a laptop? How to disable a built-in keyboard? Can I disable my laptop keyboard? How to temporarily disable the keyboard on a laptop? These are some questions that are given answers in this article. In this solution-oriented article, we have enlightened step-by-step how to disable a laptop keyboard if it starts malfunctioning. So, if your keyboard is not functioning as it is supposed to be, you can follow the below-given steps and disable your laptop keyboard. After doing this, you can use a USB keyboard or a built-in keyboard. These steps are as following:

⇒ First, you need to open a Search box. For this, press the Windows+S key combination.

⇒ In step two, you are to search Device Manager from the search box. For this, type the word Device in the search box and click on the Device Manager.

⇒ After doing this, you will find keyboards in the list of devices. Now use the Arrow key to expand this.

⇒ Go to internal keyboards and right-click on this. Now you will find Disable, press it. However, if there is no Disable button, then click on the option “uninstall.”

⇒ As the last step, press File>Exit. Now your laptop keyboard has been disabled.

However, it is essential to note that if you click on “uninstall” in step four instead of disabling it, the next time you boot the machine into Windows, the driver of the internal keyboard will be reinstalled. Every time the machine starts back up, you will have to repeat the same process. Although it is not a big deal, you deserve to be aware of the process and changes involved.

In short, if your laptop keyboard is not functioning as per the given command and you do not want to spend money on a new keyboard or to repair it, you have the option of disabling your laptop keyboard. If you want to do so, the process mentioned above can be followed.

In case your laptop is not working or too old to perform according to your requirements, always keep maintain the parts of the laptop. You can either give the parts to the recycling centers or use them to build a new laptop of your own!

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