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Airpods case not charging with light or no light (Quick Fix)

Airpods case are not charging? Need to solve this issue? Don’t worry. Many airpods users face this problem. AirPods case not charging with light or no light is a common problem faced by may users.

This article will show you the complete troubleshooting procedures for this problem. But before going into the solutions, let us know the probable reasons why airpods don’t charge, which will help solve the problem.

The Reasons Your Airpods Case Not Charging with Light or No Light

Firstly, it can be a software issue.

Secondly, there might be a problem with the USB cable head part connected to the power source.

Thirdly, the connector contact point of the AirPods charging case might have a problem.

Lastly, dust on the airpods charges contact points inside the case.

Airpods Case Not Charging with Light or No Light (Solutions)

Reset your Airpods:

Take the AirPods case near your phone. Then open the lid of the case. Hold its backside for about 10 seconds. Then a charging option will appear on your phone. Select the charging Mode. If it doesn’t work, then follow the next option.

Resetting Airpods

Clean the case’s charging port with soft cotton buds:

Take the cotton bud and clean the case’s charging port softly. Inside the charging port there might be dust. So try to bring it outside.

Cleaning the charging port with cotton buds

Don’t insert the cotton inside the port in place of pulling out the dust. If this solution doesn’t solve your problem, move towards the next solution.

Single Airpod is not charging:

There might be the case that one of your air pods is charging, but another one is not.

Charging port

You can clean your airpods charging contact with a toothbrush or any soft fiber cloth in such a case. This can be a very easy and convenient option.

Clean the charge contact point of the case with cotton buds. Dust may be inside the charging case too.

Use another new USB cable:

Use a different USB cable. You can use an iPad or iPhone charging cable. Try to use a certified cable.

Charge your airpods with different device:

You can plug your charging cable with MAC or PC. Connect it and charge for about 15 minutes.

Charge your Airpods with wireless charger:

A Qi-certified charging mat or lightning connector is a good way to charge your airpods wirelessly. Furthermore, close the lid and put the case on the charger. Make sure the status light faces upward. The present charge level should be visible in the light status for about 8 seconds.

Bring the airpods’ charging level to zero:

Take the airpods charge level to zero and then try to charge again.

Repair your AirPods battery:

If any one of the above solutions doesn’t work for you, then there might be any water damage or loose contact in the circuit board of the case. These reasons may cause the charging problem. Go to any hardware repair shop, and they will solve this issue.

The probable solutions for your airpods not charging are stated above. I hope the article solves your problem and gives you relief!

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Airpods Case Not Charging with Light or No Light (Summary)

I hope you have got the solution of your problem i.e Airpods Case Not Charging with Light or No Light. If You have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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