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Is It Possible To Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button?

It’s a Sunday morning and you are all set up to start a busy weekend at the office. You grab your cup of coffee and power on your HP laptop. 

Woah! Why isn’t the laptop powering on you ask yourself? Is it the doomsday everyone was telling about? 

Relax!  A simple malfunctioning of the laptop’s power button isn’t enough to indicate the end of the world. Instead, you must get your problems sorted out fast as your boss might be anywhere close. 

So below are a few short guidelines on how to turn on an HP laptop without a power button. 

A Brief Intro Into Laptop Power Button Malfunctioning

Laptops are one of the most essential components of the modern lifestyle. Whether you are a job holder, a teacher, a designer, or a scientist, a laptop is of the essence. A laptop may run anywhere from a few hours a day to almost a whole day depending on the usage. 

And with heavy usage, it’s obvious that certain parts of the laptop might malfunction now and then. While HP laptops are pretty well known for their reliability, it’s not unusual to see them fail sometimes too. That being said, it’s always recommended checking for faulty power supply and wall socket before blaming it all on the laptop itself. 

Many of the modern laptops come with power buttons alongside the keypad which is a bit difficult to troubleshoot. But if you are lucky enough to have a power button separate from the actual keypad, the task is gonna be a lot easier. Nevertheless, below are a few quick and easy tricks you can follow to turn on a laptop with faulty power button. 

Having the Power Button Replaced

Why not replace the faulty power button with a little technical expertise? This will prevent future malfunctioning and will keep you out of trouble. 

For a power button swap, you have to separate the laptop battery and power source carefully. This has to be done while keeping all the wire connections intact. Then you have to remove other components that follow such as RAM and the hard drive. 

The keyboard frame varies according to keyboard models. Regardless of the model, the frame has to be removed with caution. After all that, the faulty power button will be visible and ready for replacement.

Now you can simply switch the faulty power button with a new one and redo the assembly process. Finally, you can see your laptop come to life after pressing power button for a few seconds.

Replacing the defective parts is always the most effective step of carrying out in the case of electronics. This will keep the device out of harm’s way and ensure longer service life. 

Use The Keyboard

This technique can be used for Windows 10 and or similar latest setups. The process is not a fixing rather a precautionary step you can follow. For this, you need to assign one of your main keyboard keys as a backup for the power key. 

The BIOS is where you can find options to assign one of the regular keys as a  power key. First, you need to access the BIOS settings using the F2, F10, or DEL key while the laptop boots up. 

From there you have to find the  Power Management settings. The settings allow you to configure keys as a backup for the power key. Though the settings may vary you need to look for options naming Power On By Keyboard. Thus you can use the backup key as a power key any time you run into trouble. 

Connecting the Power Pins

This one is for those of you out there who like to take matters into your own hands. The process will work for any laptop regardless of the model and brand. For this, you need to detach the laptop from any power connection at first.

Then you have to disassemble the laptop until you reach the power button in the shortest way possible. It’s similar to the first process but instead of replacing the power button, you just need to take it off. 

What you will find under the power button is a set of pins. The pins if shorted properly will have your HP laptop turned on in no time. It’s usually the 1 and 3 pin that needs to be shorted. You can use any good conductor such as a wire or screwdriver to make the short. 

How To Turn On HP Probook 450 G1 With A Faulty Power Button?

The HP Probook 450 g1 is yet another popular laptop model from HP that comes in various Processor and RAM configurations. It’s a well-built laptop that caters to a wide variety of users. 

So what to do if the power key on your Probook 450 g1 malfunctions? Well, there is no need to get worried as all of the above techniques can be followed to deal with the malfunction. With little maintenance and care the HP Probook 450 g1 offers performance not many can match. 

What To Do With A Faulty Keypad With Power Button?

Many of the modern HP laptops have a power button alongside the general keys. This gets tricky in the case of troubleshooting. A single key malfunction may require your full keyboard to be replaced. 

Thus in such scenarios, it’s recommended to have the laptop keyboard replaced if any of the single key malfunctions. Besides you can also make use of an external keyboard in this case. This will eliminate the risk of the power button and other keys performing faulty during any emergencies like delivering office presentations. 


This brings us to the end of today’s discussion. Hope you gained some technical knowledge on how to get your laptop up and running with a faulty power button. This will help you tackle any crisis that requires a quick response. All being said, it’s wise not to take things into your own hands if you don’t feel confident enough. 

After all, laptops are expensive and any faulty step here and there can result in a substantial loss. Thus in such scenarios, your laptop will be a lot safer under expert observation at the repair shop. The procedures mentioned above can be carried out under emergencies or if you are experienced enough to carry out the process faultlessly. 

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