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Razer Blade 15 Advanced Edition – Best Gaming Laptop

As one of the premier gaming laptops to appear in the market, the Razer Blade 15 has earned its name for accommodating the best hardware inside its graceful exterior. That brilliant blend has made some people name it the “MacBook Pro of gaming laptops.” Such is the brilliance of this model, which makes gaming stylish. This gaming laptop continues to hold its legacy, as for 2020 boasting RTX Super graphics chip and the best Intel Comet Lake-H processors under its classy hood. As the far design carries on the legacy, the laptop series is known for and is comparable to the MacBook Pro.

Moreover, two big speakers lying at the top of the laptop and a trackpad, which is one of the bests on any Windows laptop, are some components this model hit the streets with. As far as price is concerned, this gaming-friendly laptop comes with a hefty price tag, depending upon the upgradable storage. Even after this, if you search for a device that is the boss of the latest AAA games in style, this model in a review may value the price you pay. In addition to that, if you want something that does not look like an edgy plaything but a premium product, the very product is still the best example.

The Blade Design, with few Tweaks:

Mostly internal-component upgrades and modest outer tweaks this advanced gaming laptop is accompanied with. What we are seeing is the tried and tested design. It is armed with a portable chassis and sleek. Thanks to its fully machined aluminum build that it gives high-quality feelings.

In terms of build, it is not thinness that Razer did prioritize. The extra few millimeters we find in its design are much more worthy as far as performance and thermals are concerned than their portability. Specifically speaking, it’s 13.98*0.7* 9.25-inch measurement, and 8.93-pound weight make it a bit heftier than the previous version. However, even that combination does not make it the lightest slim gaming laptop, partially due to its metal chassis. This does not mean that the advanced model is not with some physical alterations. A slightly updated keyboard layout is amongst the main changes. The previous design came with full-size arrow keys, which made it necessary to have a half-length Shift key on the right side. However, this technical flaw, people experienced while using, is fixed with a more standard layout of this advanced model. 

Keyboard and Touchpad:

• Keyboard:

As we mentioned earlier, this advanced gaming model offers a more standard layout. Now, the arrow keys make way for a full-size Shift key to make typing comfortable and easy. Furthermore, the keyboard gives a pleasant typing experience. Each key of the keyboard is individually backlit with customizable lighting. 

• Touchpad:

Coming to the touchpad, this gaming PC provides the best touchpad in class with the comfort of using, a quality feel, and incredibly smooth panning. 

Ports and Connectivity:

The laptop at our glance is worth praising for its additional ports. You will find, in total, a UHS-III SD card reader, three Type-A USB 3.1 ports, two Type-C ports (one having Thunderbolt 3 support and both having 20-volt PD 3.0 charging), a dedicated and reversible charging port, and a dedicated HDMI connection. Moreover, one can easily plug in a mouse, gaming headset, and keyboard. Such is a generous mix one would find in this model.

Blazing Fast Display:

This better all-around gaming laptop is armed with full HD (3840*2160 pixel) and a 15.6-inch display, which boasts a blistering-fast 300Hz refreshing rate. An attribute that includes this model into the league of high-end gaming laptops. Higher frame rates ensure smoother gameplay, though the processor and the GPU need to push the game that high. The feature we are discussing is undoubtedly for enthusiasts. How the new model will perform in these scenarios will be addressed in the latter section.


As we have discussed earlier, our gaming model’s configuration, especially the Intel Core i7-10875H 8-Core and an RTX 2080 SUPER Max-Q, enables it to chew through all the latest games at max settings. With ray tracing turned off, it could manage to hit more than 60 fps in running the hardest games such as Metro Exodus. But, the laptop could work 50 fps with ray tracing enabled. However, it could not come up with the golden 60 fps standard. Moreover, PCMark 10 score is a testament to why even people who do not play many games like this laptop.

Battery Life:

Even with all its glaring features, it also comes with sacrifices as its battery doesn’t last for a day on battery power. As in the PCMark ten battery test, it lasted for a little more than 5 hours. This makes all day working without packing your charger unlikely. However, video playback allows its battery to last for more than 7 hours. Unluckily, this number can go down when you stream through Netflix and something else.  


As we know, the Razer Blade 15 comes into the market in two flavors: the Base Edition and Advanced Edition. Ours is the latter that is technically different due to different internal design and chassis. Our Advanced Edition is equipped with an Intel Core i7-10875H 8-Core, varying price due to its upgradable storage, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max-Q, 4K OLED Touch, Chroma, and CNC Aluminum. The detailed description of its features is the following:

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