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The New Apple MacBook Pro Review | Laptopproz

For those who want to change the world and defy the limits, the Apple MacBook Pro is a sweetening deal. Made for the ultimate users, it is the most powerful notebook Apple has ever made. Laden with an immersive 16-inch Retina display, next-generation graphics, the largest battery capacity ever in a MacBook Pro, superfast processors, massive storage, and a magic keyboard, this high-performance model is the king of Apple laptops. With this model and its slim sexy look, Apple has righted the previous wrongs that resulted in the problem-plagued and disappointing Butterfly switch keyboard. With this new flagship, last regrets have been made up while retaining some key refinements, and a larger, more stunning display, as the company named it, “more of what (fans) love,” which makes up for the MacBook Pro 15-inch. Simply putting, this engineer-friendly laptop delivers greatness.

Thanks to its larger display, epic battery life, and Magic keyboard, the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro is a power to reckon with.


• Retina Display:

We are glad that a 16-inch Retina Display- the largest Retina Display ever in a Mac notebook features the model we are reviewing. While delivering deep blacks, the notebook at our glance generates 500 nits of brightness for bright whites and spectacular highlights thanks to the precise photoalignment of liquid crystal molecules. Even with the larger display, the P3 wide color gamut allows true-to-life and brilliant images and videos.

The result is a beautifully crisp display that looks vibrant and sharp. As far as resolution is concerned, the very model gives a resolution of 3072* 1920 compared to 2880*1800 for the 15-inch MacBook Pro and 3840*2160 for the pixel-packed Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition. Moreover, the much thinner screen than the previous models makes it look modern. On opening, the gorgeous screen proves a pulling factor that attracts your attention. So, without worrying where you are, you can see your work, videos, and images with ease in the best possible light.

• Keyboard:

Before discussing this high-speed laptop’s mechanics, let’s throw light on the feel its Magic keyboard gives. Apple’s beloved desktop keyboards inspire its keyboard. While typing, keys provide a much softer feel as compared to previous MacBook Pros. That is why you will not get tired while responding to slack messages and composing emails. A scissor mechanism, found in the popular iMac Magic Keyboard, was opted to accomplish this transformation. A protective membrane is no longer included underneath the keys.

The scissor switches allow this model’s keyboard to have more space among keys from 0.7 millimeters to a full 1 mm. Furthermore, its Apple-made rubber dome gives the feeling of a little springier, and keycaps don’t wobble as much. Although this is not the best keyboard, yet it is pretty good to use. The springy feedback and typing are pleasurable and quiet, respectively. All these features make the keyboard of this consumer-oriented laptop responsive and satisfying.

• Touch ID:

Including a physical Esc key again and touch ID are some features to be found in the keyboard. The Touch ID button works well and quickly allows you to authorize Apple Pay payments or log into the MacBook Pro. It is good not to have to enter a password. For coders, this will prove a welcome change, another testament that Apple gives ear to its customers’ requests. As a result, these changes improve this model’s usability and performance without compromising the look or feel.

• Ports:

However, the port selection, the 16-inch model comes with, is one thing Apple should have changed. Once again, it is equipped with four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports and an audio jack. The former port integrates charging, data transfer, and video output in a single connector, delivering up to 40Gb/s of throughput for twice the bandwidths of Thunderbolt 2. It is armed with four ports, so all that can be done from either side. Moreover, Thunderbolt 3 is reversible. It is always right side up, no matter how it is plugged in.

Although these ports are sufficient for regular users who have modern peripherals, the MacBook Pro 16-inch’s professional-oriented approach makes the lack of ports frustrating. Furnishing with a standard-sized USB port along with a memory card reader would make it a preferable device for professionals. Instead, to plug those devices, you will have to buy an adaptor. The lack of ports is in contrast to its competitors like the Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition. So, it would not be wrong to state that it is the one area where this model gives no improvement over its predecessors, but in performance, it surpasses everyone in its class.


Coming to performance, this coolest looking laptop is the most powerful and emblem of impressive performance. Owing to more advanced thermal design, the Intel Core i9 processor makes higher performance for more prolonged periods possible. Geekbench 5, which measures overall performance, was not as good as that of the Dell XPS 15. In addition to that, it might is appreciable in video editing. The time it takes for transcoding a 6.5GB 4K video to 1080p is the same amount of time the Dell XPS 15 takes. As Apple offers some of the fastest SSDs, this model under review performs better than the Dell XPS 15 on the Blackmagic Disk speed test.

• Battery:

This model comes with the highest capacity battery. Along with powering the larger display and delivering higher maximum sustained power, the 100-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery provides battery life for up to 11 hours of video playback and wireless web browsing, which is very impressive for a 16-inch laptop. In comparison, it excels the non-OLED and the OLED versions of the Dell XPS 13. However, fast charging remains a shortcoming due to its beefy power brick, though its 96W USB-C power adapter is as in size as the 15-inch MacBook Pro’s 87W adapter.

• Speakers:

It has a big voice thanks to the new built-in speakers. The six-speaker sound system with Force Feedback-enabled woofers produces room-filling base sounds. Without causing unwanted distortion, relatively small speakers can quickly fill a decently sized room with superb and fantastic sound. Moreover, for music recording and creating super clean podcasts, the studio-quality three-mic array will not let down. It means if you are out without an external microphone, settling for the built-in mics is no great hardship. To a great joy, although we have already discussed the lack of ports, yet its new speakers and mics make it less likely to plug things in. Such is an appeal of its loud and clear speakers.


A list of further specifications is given below:

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