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Why Are AirPods Pro Making a Clicking or Crackling Noise?

Airpods Pro will make the top of the list if one thinks of true wireless earbuds. But there’s been a complaint that these pairs are making clicking sounds. To be precise, it is like a static sound. It is mostly occurring while moving or chewing something. This unexpected problem made us dig a little more. Let us see what comes out. 

Is This a Connection Issue or A Device Error?

The noise can be a connection or software problem or a device error. If this is a connection issue, you are most likely to feel the problem at any given time. But if it is a device error, the sound often occurs during the movement or talking, even moving chewing something. 

How Often Airpods Make a Popping Sound?

If you face these popping sounds, you are not the only one. It may seem confusing that high-end products like Airpods Pro create such sounds. But several users reported this issue. Mainly with the models made before October 2020

A few users who bought them a day ago also reported the issue. Most of them said an unexpected sound during a sudden movement, like getting up or walking. Few found the problem occurring with a jaw movement. Mostly if one has chewing gum in the mouth. 

The sound feels like outside noise, not a music distortion. You can say it often sounds like the static over radio. Sometimes a popping or clicking loud noise. 

What Is Actually Happening?

If it is not a connection issue, it occurs primarily in a loud environment. According to our hunch, the active noise cancellation system is mainly causing this. We found that the problem was resolved after turning the noise cancellation off. So here’s what most probably happened:

The external mic is picking up small vibrations from the background. Active noise cancellation considers it as noise. It tries to mute the sound. Sometimes they even try to amplify the vibrations in the transparency mode. But they are just simple vibrations, not a sound that exists. That may cause a rattling sound. The left or right earbud or both of them together can face this problem. 

Sometimes there is a connection issue. A faulty or incomplete software update can create this static noise while playing music. 

If your earbuds are old enough, they can get dirt built up inside. That can also cause the noise cracking problem.

Let’s see what is the response of Apple on Why Are AirPods Pro Making a Clicking or Crackling Noise?

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Apple’s Response to The Issue

Apple recognized the problem with the Airpods Pro. They found a batch with some technical errors. So they launched a program to fix the issue. They named it the Airpods Pro service program.

Most of the Airpods Pro facing the issue are made before October 2020. Apple said they would fix it or replace the Airpods for free if you fall under the scheme. Before that, they will do some testing to ensure if you fall under the program or not. 

When you go to apple care, they will check for any external damage first. If there is a problem with your single earbud, they will replace that only. But if the other one shows up with the same problem a few days later, you will get that changed for free as well. 

If both your earbuds are detected with problems, you will get both of them replaced. But the free replacement program is only for the earbuds. Your charging case will not get replaced. 


Before you rush to the apple care center, you can try some troubleshooting methods.

  1. Make sure all your software is up to date. 
  2. Try using a different app for hearing the audio. 
  3. Try connecting the Airpods Pro to a different device. Like another iPhone or iPad. 

If the problem remains, then it is not a connection issue. 

Sometimes a collection of dust and earwax can cause the problem. In that case, you need to do some cleaning. 

Cleaning procedure

  1. According to Apple, if you think water accumulated in the bud, you need to tap the earbud softly. On a lint-free cloth while holding the ear tip downwards. 
  2. You may need to remove the silicone ear tips. Clean them with water.  
  3. Then Dry it with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Clean it with a cotton bud if you see dirt mesh on the speaker part. 
  5. Put the dried ear tips back on gently. 

If you face the problem only in loud environments, turning off the active noise cancellation mode can be a temporary fix. But that indicates that you have a faulty noise cancellation system. It is better to take it to the service center then. 

If the cracking sound continues, you will have to go to the Apple Service center to fix your issue.

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Why Are AirPods Pro Making a Clicking or Crackling Noise? (Summary)

Getting a high-end true wireless earbud like Airpods Pro and facing noise issues with that can be frustrating. But it is a problem that many are facing. So you can quickly get a free replacement. Unless you do no damage, you are up for the free scheme. 

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