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How to Wear AirPods 3? | 4 Amazing Tips!

No doubt, AirPods 3 is the evolutionary edition of AirPods and is considered the most popular wireless earbud model so far. It comes with some impressive features that attract most AirPods lovers. 

Now, you might be wondering why its fitting is a bit problematic. Many AirPods users have reported that AirPods 3 falls out from the ear. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you out. Read through our article to learn how to wear AirPods 3 without fitting issues. 

How to Wear Air Pods 3 with No Falling out Issue?

Naturally, human ears are pretty different. So obviously, everyone won’t get the exact fit and comfort from AirPods 3. Putting AirPods 3 on your ears is as simple as drinking water. However, the complexity comes when they fall out frequently. Hence, we have listed some significant facts about how to wear AirPods 3 with a proper fit.

Ear hooks can be a great companion to ensure a perfect fit. Although they are third-party accessories, you can easily attach them with your AirPods 3. Ear hooks create a loop over your ears that prevents AirPods 3 from falling out.

Twist Your AirPods

This is one of the most common but effective ways to wear AirPods 3 without the falling out issue. Generally, we wear our AirPods in such a way that the stem remains pointed downside. However, they become loosened gradually and slip out in the end. 

When you twist your earbuds sideways or upside down, they will fit more tightly. Remember one thing, as you’re twisting your earbuds, the microphone will remain away from your mouth. So, you may need to talk a bit louder during voice calls, Zoom meetings, FaceTime. 

Use AirPods Covers

There are some people who don’t prefer attaching ear hooks as they make AirPods bulky. If you’re one of them, we have another tip for you. Try using specialized covers for AirPods 3. AirPods covers are most popular to place inside the charging case.  

However, they are also effective in ensuring a tight fit. Finding the right covers for AirPods 3 was quite difficult when they were launched initially, but now they’re available on Amazon and other popular eCommerce sites. 


This is a DIY method to wear any AirPods model without slipping or falling issues. Users found this method. According to users, the waterproof tape helps to ensure a snug fit. All you need to do is cut out some small pieces of waterproof tape and affix them with your AirPods 3. This will provide a perfect grip and prevent slipping out.


Even though this method seems igneous and doesn’t interrupt placement inside the charging case, any modification of your AirPods 3 can void the warranty. So, it’s a bit risky process. 

How to Wear AirPods 3? | Our Advice

Of course, your AirPods 3 is a precious gadget, so you might not welcome any unexpected situation. Even though wearing AirPods 3 is too simple, they can be lost or hurt your ears if they don’t fit properly. Here is some advice you can follow:

AirPods 3 comes with ear tips in the package. However, these tips have different sizes. So, you can try different ear tips to check which one fits better. You can also purchase third-party ear tips. 

Good-quality ear tips are not only effective in proper fitting, but they also help people who have silicone sensitivity.


However, you must pick the right ear tips that suit your AirPods 3. 

Be patient

Brand-new AirPods 3 can hurt your ears. Don’t be annoyed with this fact. Just take them out when you feel the pain and wear them again after a while. This will gradually train your ears. After a certain period, it won’t hurt anymore. 

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Final Words

By this time, you might have learned how to wear AirPods 3 and prevent them from falling out or other unexpected circumstances. If nothing seems effective, you can shift to AirPods Pro, indeed. However, we’re pretty confident that you won’t need to do so. 

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