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Why Are My Airpods Pro Echoing? (Quick Fix)

If you have any one of the following questions regarding the sound problem of your Airpod then this article is for you. In this single article, I have explained all the possible reasons as well as the effective solutions for the following problems. 

  • Why are my AirPods / AirPods pro / AirPods max echoing?
  • How to fix echo on Airpods?
  • Why does my AirPods Pro sound distort?
  • Why are my AirPods making static noise?
  • What are the AirPods pro crackling sound fix procedures?
  • Why can I hear myself talking through my AirPods?
  • Why are my AirPods making a high-pitched noise?

All of the above questions related to Airpods are different, the probable reasons and possible solutions are the same. Therefore, without wasting any time let us jump into the details. 

Reasons and Solutions for AirPods echo problem:

In this part, we are going to answer your query, why are my Airpods or Airpods pro echoing.

Software Update Problem:

The first probable reason for the sound problem might be a software update issue. Sometimes software update comes but your device somehow did not update it. Hence, an inconsistency occurs between your airpod and the device and results in echo or noise problems.


Install the latest updated software into your device.

Steps to update IOS

Device App Problem:

Sometimes the device app used to connect with the airpod might have errors and be unable to fix. Which leads to different sound problems.


Uninstall the app and reinstall it. If this does not work then use a different app.

If your Airpods pro echo problem is related to device app problem, this should solve this.

Before moving to the next problem and solution, please check our article, why are my airpods making a high pitched noise?

Device Location Problem:

The location of your device with respect to the airpod is an important factor for sound-related problems. If the device is placed in a long-distance or there is any interference in between the device and the airpods noise, extra sound and echo may arise.


Keep your device close to the airpods without any interference.

Low Charge Problem:

Your device or AirPods might have a low charge and this can the reason of your problem.


Charge your device and airpods.

The active noise cancellation option might be turned off in your device. Thus it can not filter the noise or echo.


Turn it on.

Hardware Problem : 

If the above options do not provide you the solution then there might be hardware related problem in your device or airpods. 


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