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The Ultimate Guide to Connect Airpods to PS4 Without Adapter

Apple AirPods are the best performing Earbuds since they came to the market. They are super-comfy to use as well as provide top-notch service for hours nonstop. Think: if you could exploit them while playing on your PlayStation 4, it would be incredible, right? Ik.

But you cannot connect your PS4 to AirPods as the PS4 lacks some features. One such feature is the ability to connect any kind of Bluetooth headphones or handsets.

However, in this article, we are going to tell you an eye-opening fact: you can play games on PlayStation 4 with AirPods on, just using your Android or iOS. For this process, you’re going to use your smartphone as your screen and some changes in settings. Then you’re ready to play games on your PlayStation with Apple AirPods plugged in.

Here are the steps to connect Apple AirPods to your PlayStation 4 without using a Bluetooth adapter :

Step-1: turn on your Playstation 4

To start the process, you first need to turn on your PlayStation 4. Then the other processes will go on.

Step-2: Log into your PlayStation 4 account

Later, after you turn on your PS4, you need to log into your PlayStation Network account on your PS4 to go through the other steps.

Step-3: Go to the App Store/ Play Store

Now, take your smartphone and go to the app store if you’re an iOS smartphone user, or open the play store if you are an Android smartphone user.

Step-4: Download the PS4 App

Assuming that you’re an iOS user, after opening the app store, you need to download the PS4 Remote Play application on your smartphone.

Step-5: Login into your Account

After downloading the application on your smartphone, you now need to accept all the terms and conditions to keep going through these procedures. Later, after completing these, you will be requested to log into your Playstation Network account.

Step-6: Start searching your Playstation 4

Once you are done logging in with your PlayStation Network account, your smartphone will start searching for your Playstation 4.

This may take some minutes. Don’t be impatient while doing this.

Step-7: Associate your smartphone to your controller

Now, as your smartphone has built a connection with your PS4, your job is to connect your controller to your smartphone. For this, in the first place, open the smartphone setting menu. Secondly, go to the Bluetooth setting and activate the share and Playstation buttons on your controller.

After doing this, you will be able to find your controller in the list of devices your smartphone can pair with. Select your controller from the list and, wallah, your smartphone is now paired with your controller.

Step-8: Connect your smartphone with AirPods

Now that you have completed all the steps, the rest is a piece of cake. Join your AirPods to your smartphone in the normal way. In case you don’t know how, you can connect them through your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu.

how-to-connect-airpods-to-android-devices-1024x265-6653556 Steps to connect AirPod to Android devices

Final word

Connecting AirPods to the PlayStation 4 while gaming is a boon for all gamers because they are wireless, hassle-free, and simple to use. Though they are not easy to associate with, it is not an impossible task. After reading this whole article step by step, next time you wish to connect PS4 to Apple Airports, it will guide you through the whole process and the work will be done smoothly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How do I connect my Bluetooth headset to my PS4 without an adapter?

Answer: First, associate your Bluetooth handset and PlayStation 4 controller with the audio cable with the built-in mic. Secondly, turn your handset on. Now press on the PS4 settings, then devices, then Bluetooth devices. Finally, click on the name of your handset and connect.

2. Is there a way to connect AirPods to PS4?

Answer: Yes, surely you can connect your Apple AirPods to your PlayStation 4. But it is not as simple as connecting other ears or headphones. For this, you will need to make some extra arrangements.

3. Can you use BT headphones on PS4?

Answer: The majority of Bluetooth headphones are incompatible with the PlayStation 4. Only with some specific features activated for the PS4 will the BT headphones work.

4. Will any Bluetooth dongle work with PS4?

Answer: The Playstation 4 collaborate with a wide range of USB audio services. So most of the Bluetooth dongles work with the PlayStation 4 and get the job done.

5. Can Apple headphones work on PS4?

Answer: Obviously, they can. iPhone headphones can be used to do chatting on PS4 as they have microphones on them. But for this, you need to put on both earphones as party or game chats can be available through only one of them.

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