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How To Charge Airpods Pro With USB C? (Complete Guide)

There was once a time you could charge up any gadget you own only through a specific method. The charging process was lengthy and often less effective. Many a time the whole charging system was a one-piece device that you had no use of if any single component failed.

Thankfully those days are long gone. Gadgets nowadays offer multiple charging mechanism which lets you pick considering your convenience. The Airpods Pro for instance boasts blazing-fast charging through both wired and wireless mediums. The former being the faster method, let’s have a look at how to charge Airpods Pro with USB C.

Things You Need To Charge Your Airpods Pro Using USB C

Before getting started with the charging process you need to make sure you have everything needed by your side. Here are the accessories you will require:

Airpods Pro

You will need both or at least one of your Airpods Pro. It’s a good practice to charge both at the same time. But you can use one of the Airpods and charge the other in case of an emergency.

Airpods Pro Charging Case

There is no way you can charge your Airpods Pro without its charging case. You may find plenty of tutorial or hacks on the internet that denies the need for a charging case but all of those are fake. Thus you need to have the case with you to have your Airpods Pro juiced up.

Lightning To USB C 

The lightning connector cable comes inside the box of Airpods Pro. It has a lightning connector on one side and a USB C on the other.

Power Source

The last thing you need is a power source. For this, you can make use of an adapter or any power source that is compatible with the lightning to USB C cable.

Steps To Charge Your Airpods Pro Via USB C

Now that you have everything at hand, let’s get started with the step-by-step process of charging your Airpods Pro with USB C.

Step 1:

At first, you have to place the Airpods Pro inside the case. If there is sufficient power inside the case, the Airpods Pro will start charging up. But this will eventually drain the power of the charging case. Thus to charge both the Airpods and the case you need to follow the next steps.

Step 2:

In this step, you have to make the required connections using the lightning to type C cable. The lightning cable will connect to the charging port at the base of the case. The other end of the cable needs to be connected with any USB-C-compatible power source like an adapter or your MacBook.

Step 3:

It’s time to check the charging status light and make sure everything is going fine. The status light on the case glows orange to indicate charging. It will turn into green light once the charging case is fully charged. To your knowledge, the Airpods will keep on charging as long as they are inside the case until they reach full charge.

Why Choose USB C Over Wireless Charging

Both wired and wireless charging comes with their own set of advantages. The fact is the same in the case of AirPods Pro. Wireless charging being the newer tech in the town seems to be able to grab more attention. But with the advancement of charging cables and tech, USB C offers features that are hard to beat. Below are some of the features of USB C which might compel you to pick it over wireless options.

If fast charging is what you are looking for, wired options are far ahead compared to wireless ones up until now. The charging mats compatible with Apple products offer convenient charging but lags in terms of charging speed. Thus USB C is still a no-brainer in terms of performance.


The USB C cable fits even in the smallest spaces of your handbag or travel bag. Besides, it can be made to charge the Airpdos with a variety of power sources. All these make the USB C the ideal charging option for travels or adventures.


Wireless options are probably out of your limit in case you are on a budget. USB C cables are cheaper to get started with. Being cheap, they are also easily replaceable in case they turn out faulty up on extensive usage.


Wired options are still the better pick if you are looking to save on electricity bills. Wireless chargings pads can lose up to 20% of power in the air and thus consume more power. USC C ensures better efficiency and hence is better for the environment too.


Phew! All good things come to an end and so has today’s discussion. Hope you have gained all the insights on how to charge AirPods Pro with USB C. To be honest, USB C is still the preferred option for many. With better performance, lower cost, and cheaper price, chances are, USB C might remain the primary charging technique for more years to come.


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