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Why Does My HP Laptop Keeps Freezing? FIXED!

Finally, you have managed to bring home your girl to watch a movie together. You have her placed comfortably on the couch along with some popcorns. It’s time to play that romantic movie she loves. That is when your HP laptop decides to freeze up. 

Are you gonna give up after all that hard work? Certainly not! While there are thousands of reasons for your laptop to freeze up, the solutions are pretty much within reach. So let’s figure out the reasons and solutions behind your laptop freezing up and set you up for a lovely movie date. 

Top Reasons Behind HP Laptops Getting Frozen And The Solutions

HP is one of the few brands that have dominated the laptop market for a long time both in terms of performance and looks. But like all machines and electronic devices, your laptop is likely to face some lags and stutter occasionally. 

Being frozen is not a rare occurrence for laptops that has to undergo heavy usage. Below are a few of the top reasons you might be experiencing freezing issues with your laptop and their quick solutions. 

Restart And See The Magic

Without getting into all the geeky stuff, what you can simply do is restart the laptop and see if everything works out well. To your delight, there is a huge chance your laptop will come back to life as soon as it boots up. It’s because your laptop boots up afresh and eliminates any minor software bugs that might have caused the bug firsthand. 

Virus And Malware

Viruses, malware, or corrupted system files are one of the worst enemies for your hp computer. They remain hidden and do the dirty work to your laptop’s software. In short, viruses and malware effects and overall performance of the laptop which resulting in sudden lags, stutters, and misbehaves.

So how to get rid of such viruses and malware? Well, the solution is maybe right inside your laptop. Every Windows laptop comes with a safety feature called Windows Defender that is programmed to keep your device protected. It scans the laptop for any unwanted or harmful programs and eliminates them effectively. 

You can also opt for various other paid and free Antivirus software to take your safety game to the next level. Just make sure to scan your pc regularly and update the antivirus software as soon as new versions come out. 

Lack Of Storage

Your laptop won’t run smoothly if it’s packed to its full capacity. Bulking up the computer system with large files eventually slows it down and this leads to the frequent freezing problem. Thus a good way to keep your system in good shape is performing disk cleanup by deleting unwanted movies, software, or game files. 

Besides the conventional files, there are lots of temporary files that cause the freezing of the laptop. Such files can be found out by typing temp,%temp%, and prefetch on the RUN function of windows. Delete those files regularly and you will have fewer hiccups and stutters as you work on your laptop throughout the day. Besides, you can also use a disk cleanup application for this purpose. 

Hardware Performance

The hardware that was adequate a few years back might not be enough to run your laptop at capacity at present times. This includes and RAM and the storage facilities your HP laptop comes with. 

Many of the HP laptops allow you to replace or add additional RAM along with the current one. Simply add or replace the current RAM with upgraded and high capacity RAM and you will see much less freezing or similar issues. 

One of the modern wonders in the pc market is certainly the SSD. They come with improved tech for file storage and processing and thus offer a performance boost day and night. Pack your laptop with an SSD and you will experience blazing fast performance right from the word go. 

Similar to the antivirus software, the operating system driving your laptop also requires frequent updates. These updates fix any of the minor defects and faults that might be causing your laptop to freeze. 

The latest version of windows is always the most efficient to run your laptop on. Thus you need to have a closer look at the upgrades available for the operating system as well as other software you frequently run. Doing such, you can enjoy all the latest features as well as smooth and lag-free performance.

Defragmenting The Harddisk

What happens when you keep your belongings at the right place inside your living room? You get to roam around freely and thus face fewer obstacles along the way. The same thing happens with your PC. It runs smoothly when all the files are stored right where they need to be. 

The process by which you can make sure all the files are stored at the desired location on the hard disk is called Defragmentation. To start the process first you need to click on the windows icon. Look for accessories in the search bar at the bottom of the windows dropdown and click on it. Then you need to select the system section tools. Finally, you will find the Disk Defragmenter option. Hence the process will start right after you click on that. 

Reformating The Hard Disk Drive

If all the above mention technique fails, there is an ultimate solution you can opt for. Having your Disk Reformat is a risky yet effective method to get rid of freezing issues on your HP laptop. The downside here is the fact that you will lose all the data and files on the Hard Disk Drive. That being said, there is always an option to have files backed up on storage devices. You can make use of a Pendrive, external hard disk, or google drive for this purpose. 

Freeing Up The System

Deleting excess files isn’t the only way of ensuring smooth performance. There are plenty of apps running in the background that consume a huge amount of RAM. You can make use of the task manager to stop the background apps you won’t be needing. The same goes for startup programs which slows down the bootup time of the laptop. 


Laptops are more essential today than ever. And if you are someone whose entertainment or career is based on a laptop, a sudden freeze can bring in a catastrophe. However, there is a solution to every problem and this includes your problem at hand too. 

Hope this article has offered you the insights and necessary procedures to follow in case your HP laptop freezes up all of a sudden. Carry out the procedures carefully and you will be able to tackle any emergencies with ease. This of course includes the movie date mentioned at the start of the article. 

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