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How to Connect Airpods with One Missing?

If losing essentials is one of your hobbies, you are not alone. There are plenty out there who keep losing car keys or in worst cases keys to their house. Thus there is nothing to feel downhearted about you losing one of your Airpods. 

Airpods are not cheap and losing one can be depressing. Chances are you have spent your savings purchasing the Airpods leaving you no option to buy a new one. Well, it’s not the end of the world. There are ways you can connect up to your Airpods with one missing and have a decent audio experience. Let’s have a look at them.

Ways Connect Airpods in Case You Lost One

Now that you have lost one of your Airpods, here are a couple of ways you can have it connected to your phone. 

Paired Mode

If you have your Airpods already paired with the phone, you must consider yourself lucky. In this case, the connection can be done just like you would connect to your phone under the usual condition. You will feel a lack of audio output but that’s something you have to get used to. 

Unpaired Mode

Chances are you have lost one of the AirPods and have your AirPods in unpaired mode. Sadly you need to have both AirPods to pair up with your phone. All hope is not lost as there is another way around. 

To connect Airpods with one missing in unpaired mode, you have to borrow an Airpod from your friends, family, or relatives. For this, you have to make sure you have borrowed the right Airpods. This means the borrowed AirPods of the same model and orientation. If you have lost the right ear-sounding earbuds, you must collect that specific one and vice versa. 


Once you have both the AirPods, you can have them placed inside the case. After that, you need to press the button on the back case for five seconds. This will turn on the pairing mode in your Airpods. You will see white lights flashing in your case. Hence you will be to connect the Airpods with your Phone, PC, or TV. Once the connection is done, you will be able to hand over the borrowed Airpods to whoever you brought them from. 

How to Ensure Better Sound for Airpods with One Missing?

It’s obvious that you won’t experience the same quality of sound from a single Airpod. In many cases, the sound may even become annoying. But to your delight, there is a way you can tune up the audio quality and get some relief. 

For this, you have to enter the settings menu of your phone. Then you have to look for the Audio/Visual tab which is usually found in the Accessibility section of settings. From there you need to turn on the Mono Audio which will allow your phone to produce sound from a single Airpod.  Thus you will experience better sound even with a single earbud. 


How to Locate Missing Airpod?

What if you are around the same spot you lost the Airpod and want to look for it. Having found your lost Airpod will offer you relief and save up money. Thus before trying any of the methods mentioned before, it’s a must to look for the Airpod using the Iphones Find My Device App. 

In this app, you will see options to track your Apple Gadgets that have been paired up with the phone. This will include your Apple Watch and your AirPods too. From there you will have to pick the device you are looking for or in this case your Earpods. Finally, you can have sound output or get directions to find your lost Airpod. One thing you have to keep in mind here is the AirPods need to be in pairing mode and within Bluetooth range for the feature to work. 

find-my-device-6366334 Find My Device


This wraps up today’s discussion on connecting Airpods with a missing one. While there is no consolation for anything you have lost, there is always a way to lessen the damage. In this case, a single Airpod can help you get through most day-to-day tasks such as receiving calls and voice text. All being said, there is always an option to have your Airpod replaced through Apple’s customer service in case you need the whole package. 

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