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Are AirPods 3 Good for Working Out? (Quick Facts)

If you are into fitness, you will look for one thing while working out for sure. That is upbeat music to keep you going. Good quality music with a wireless device and a hassle-free workout can be a great combo. Nothing will beat the Airpods if you look for a wireless hearing device. But can you wear AirPods 3 to the gym? Do Airpods 3 fall out when running?

Let us have a look into the third generation of the Airpods series; are AirPods 3 good for working out?

Are Airpods 3 Good for Working Out? (Reasons)

Let’s explore whether Airpods 3 are good for working out or not.

Fit and Contour: 

Airpods did a significant change in the fit and contour after the Airpods 2. Airpods 3 are longer on the inside of your ear and shorter on the outside of your ear. This feature is going to keep the earbuds in place tight. 

The second-generation Airpods have a different contour. It sticks straight out of your ear at a 90-degree angle. So you will need to adjust them often while working out. While coming to the Airpods 3, you will hardly feel them. But they stick way better. The contour is more symmetrical to the inside of the ear canal. It also goes in a little bit deeper. That is why they sit in place and hardly move or dangle.

The outside extension part of Airpods 3 is a bit tilted. It will stick more horizontally. The 30-degree angle will keep your buds in place, and you will need minor adjusting. The shape of the earbud is more close to the Airpods Pro. Here you will not get to see the silicone ear tips. 

Because of the accuracy of the contour and fit of Airpods 3, you will get to wear them for longer hours. There’s no chance that any of them will fall off, and you will lose them. 

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Water and Sweat Resistance:

If you are a fitness enthusiast, the question will undoubtedly pop in your head “ Are Airpods 3 sweat resistant?”. No matter how much you sweat often, you will need a sweat-resistant pair of earbuds if you are working out. 

Airpods 3 are IPX4 rated. Which means they are sweat and waterproof. The design is good enough to keep maintaining grip inside your ear in a humid and sweaty condition. The IPX4 rating means it can handle little splashes as well. So if you are caught in light rain, the Airpods 3 will take it well. 

But IPX4 rated products are not that good in heavy rain. They are not submersible also. So you won’t get to wear them during heavy rain or in a condition where heavy water splashes might hit you. The casing is also not thoroughly water-resistant. Heavy splashes can damage the case pretty severely.  

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Performance at The Gym:

If you are working out in the gym with heavy pieces of equipment, then you will not get the chance to adjust the earbuds every now and then. So having a secure grip is really important during gym sessions. Many people reported that their Airpods second-generation one or even the Airpods Pro popped out while doing the squats with weights on. The situation can get frustrating if you have to keep an eye on your fallen-out earbud while holding the weights. 

If you are a fan of noise cancellation setup while working out in the gym, the Airpods Pro will outperform the Airpods 3. Airpods 3 have the same design and speaker positioning, but the next edition has active noise cancellation. But you will barely hear your gym buddies or the music going on inside if you put the Airpods 3 into total volume. It has an excellent built-in EQ which creates beautiful atmospheric sounds to satisfy your ear. 

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Grip and Performance While Running and Jumping:

The highest chance of losing an earbud is while running or jumping. So if the question “ Are Airpods 3 good for running? ”; crosses your mind, it is totally fair. While running or jumping, many movements occur in your body, which can easily dislocate the earbuds. 

The Airpods 3 has changed its design, keeping in mind that people love working out or running wearing them. So the design here is more in-depth. The curves are significantly aligned with the earbones to secure the grip in a bumpy condition. Body heat can also cause displacement. Airpods 3 is pretty good in handling the body heat and sweat during several movements occurring in your body. You may need to adjust the buds a few times. But it can hold the grip and stay put. You can easily have a tension-free run while the Airpods 3 are on you.  

Are Airpods 3 Good for Working out? (Summary)

Airpods 3 are better than the previous generation, come with lots of features which Airpods Pro have. The price falls between the Airpods 2 and the Pro, which is pocket-friendly. You will get the perfect grip for working out; you will get an excellent sound quality at a lot lesser price than the Pros. So if you are looking for the ideal Airpods for working out indoors and outdoors, Airpods 3 will be a good investment for you. 

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