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10 Best Laptop for Ableton in 2024

Are you looking for a laptop that can run Ableton? Or is your computer not powerful enough to let you operate Ableton. If it is so, you need a laptop that can run the software without performance issues. Don’t worry, and we have made a list of the best laptops for Ableton, keeping in view the considerations you have in mind while buying a laptop. Ableton live, being one of the most famous music production software, is used for multiple music production works such as recording, editing, mixing, composing, spinning, etc. So, this high intensive task requires a laptop that is laden with power and gives a performance on high grounds.

To cease your search for such as laptop, we have shortlisted some laptops to satisfy you with what they come. As for running software or any specific computing task, a computer must have minimum requirements, so for running Ableton, there must be minimum requirements in the laptop. That is why we have first highlighted the minimum and recommended specs required to run Ableton. Before reviewing the best laptops for Ableton, let’s first examine the specs necessary for running Ableton.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Intel Core i5 8th Gen CPU
  • 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX350 GPU
  • 13.3-inch full HD display
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Intel Core i7 9th Gen CPU
  • 3GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU
  • 15.6-inch FHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD

Best Laptops for Ableton:

This is the list of minimum Ableton specs. But it should be kept in mind that having minimum requirements does not make your computer a good laptop for Ableton. This is why we have added the recommended requirements that the best laptop for Ableton should have to provide a buttery smooth experience. Without wasting time, let’s know jump to the list of the best laptops for Ableton.

MSI GS65 Stealth-002:

The MSI GS65 Stealth-002, 15.6 inches, is on top and the best laptop for Ableton live 9. Except for the full HD display, this best computer for Ableton comes with a powerful 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor that gives this best computer for Ableton much power. Moreover, the design of this model at a glance is sleek and attractive. This laptop for Ableton is equipped with 32GB DDR4 with 512GB SSD storage that allows you to store large files. With this, the Ableton software can be used at its best on this best computer for Ableton live 9. In addition to this, a stunning visual effect is ensured by the incredible NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card with 8GB VRAM.

Be it using for resource-intensive tasks such as data analysis, 3D modeling, machine learning, or playing games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch, and this Ableton live laptop is a great deal. Coming to a port connection, this high-end laptop has excellent port connectivity. Another essential feature of this Ableton for pc is the Windows 10 Home. Here it has the option as you can also have Windows 10 pro if you want to. Isn’t it lovely? Battery life also long-lasting, which lasts for 8 hours. This best laptop for Ableton fulfills all the Ableton live ten requirements and is an excellent machine for Ableton software.

Acer Predator Helios 300:

Another laptop that fulfills all the Ableton 10 requirements and is one of the most famous laptops from Acer is the Acer Predator Helios 300. This model quickly brings off Ableton’s recommended specs since it comes with a 15.6 inch full HD IPS display, a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB SSD, and battery life of up to 6 hours. Moreover, the backlit keyboard makes typing in low lights possible. It is perfect for helping work everything smoothly on the storage front thanks to its Ableton live ten system requirements.

Although this high-speed laptop is potent, yet battery sustains for a long time, so you can easily use Ableton software for the whole day without worrying about the storm. Another spec that comes to terms with the Ableton live requirements is a 6GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card that gives you the best visual experience and lets you enjoy your music using Ableton. Such is an appeal of this best computer for Ableton.


Being the world’s first full HD IPS panel, this laptop for Ableton comes with a 15.6 inch anti-glare LCD along with a multi-colored backlit keyboard. Since this powerful machine Ableton live system requirements, so performance is no issue. Coming to specs, this best computer for Ableton live nine is armed with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB storage capacity, and an outstanding battery that lasts for 10 hours. The i7 processor is said to give 50% more productivity. To save your files, images, and videos, robust storage capacity is there.

Moreover, DDR4 RAM enhances the performance of this laptop with a sound graphics card. Other system requirements for Ableton live 10 include an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card that gives you a perfect experience of either playing games or using multiple software. Another fantastic feature of this best computer for Ableton is its multi-colored backlit keyboard that has the feature of choosing 16.7 million colors from each key. Finally, the port connection is sufficient to let you do your work without irritating you. In short, this model has all the Ableton requirements and is one of the best laptops for Ableton.

ASUS VivoBook Pro:

A list of the best laptops for Ableton would be incomplete without mentioning ASUS VivoBook Pro. Being a premium laptop of the company, it is sleek and beautiful. This high-performance laptop goes beyond the Ableton minimum requirements as it comes with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor that gives fast speed and performance. Moreover, 256 GB SSD with a 1TB hard drive capacity lets you save all your files, videos, and images with ease. Performance is further enhanced by 16GB DDR4 RAM that is expandable to 32GB. With a battery life of almost 8 hours, it is pretty well and good to go, except that the excellent backlit keyboard adds beauty to this model.

Additionally, does Ableton work on Windows 10? This model with the latest Windows 10 OS answers. Luckily, the price tag is not bulky enough to dry your pocket.

LG Gram 15:

Another laptop that comes with more than Ableton’s nine specs is the LG Gram 15, which is lightweight with long battery life and a touch screen. With 15.6 inch full HD IPS display, this laptop for Ableton has a stylish and sleek design. Coming to specs, 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD storage capacity, Intel UHD graphics 620 graphics card, and battery life of approximately 17 hours, thus coming up with the system requirements for Ableton live 9. The advanced processor ensures incredible performance overall. Moreover, ample storage of this Ableton cheap makes you store your large files without hesitation. It is very lightweight and portable, thus travel-friendly.

Furthermore, you will have the best visual and HD experience while playing games and using software, thanks to its graphics cards. Except for Ableton 9 requirements, this best computer for Ableton has a backlit keyboard and touchpad with a fingerprint sensor. The battery is perfect. Additionally, this Ableton lives for pc has 3 USB 3.0 and a USB Type C port. This beat-making laptop has all the Ableton live nine requirements and is one of the best computers for producing music.

Dell XPS 9570:

Dell is a synonym for good performance and stunning looks. Dell XPS 9570 is another laptop that earns its reputation because of its sheer power and high-end performance. The best thing about this best computer for producing music is its extraordinary battery life that lasts for up to 10 hours. This best music production laptop has the beat processor for recording music, the 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor, being a great-looking business laptop. It ensures multi-software usage with comfort. When it comes to storage, this best laptop for music production is equipped with 16GB DDR4 RAM that is expendable and 512GB storage that is enough to let you run the Ableton software at its best.

Moreover, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card makes it possible for you to have an overall good experience on the fantastic widescreen. The screen is non-touch but gives you an immersive experience since it is IPS full HD. Additionally, the port connection is good, but the price is slightly high for this Windows 10 Ableton laptop. With all these specs, this best laptop for Ableton has all the computer specs for recording music and is an Ableton live nine cheap.

Acer Aspire 7:

Acer Aspire 7 is another laptop that makes its name in the list of the best laptops for Ableton. With 15.6 inch full HD IPS display, this best laptop for Ableton provides a better view of the applications. This laptop for Ableton is armed with an Intel Core i7 processor that makes it faster; Ableton lives ten requirements. Except that, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 128 GB along with 1TB storage, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card with up to 4GB memory, and battery life of 7 hours are there to confirm the Ableton 10 requirements. Although memory is low as compared to other PCs, yet DDR4 works better than DDR3.

Moreover, graphics card makes possible to use high-end software with ease. In addition to Ableton’s recommended specs, this best laptop for Ableton live 9 has a sufficient amount of port connections. However, this best computer’s battery life for Ableton lives nine is not as expected to be. But the overall performance of this Ableton lives nine cheap is suitable for music production and Ableton software.

Apple MacBook Pro:

As Apple is a name of credibility and trust, so is its model Apple MacBook Pro that is the best Ableton live pc. Ableton live lite system requirements that this model ensures its performance as far as producing music is concerned. Comping to Ableton live nine conditions, Intel Core i7 Dual-Core processor, Intel Iris Graphics 550, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and Windows 10 OS are there. The advanced processor this Ableton for pc comes with enhances performance. Storage is enough to let you store large files and videos with ease. Its large storage capacity ensures Multi usage of the software. As far as visual experience is concerned, a 13.3-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2560×1600 gives a perfect visual experience.

Moreover, graphics cards are comparable with other competitors as far as performance is concerned. Such is an appeal of this best computer for Ableton live 9. Except for the Ableton recommended specs, this Ableton lives laptop has a sufficient amount of port connections. Coming to look that is as good and satisfying as the performance of this laptop for Ableton. In short, Apple has maintained its name in this best laptop for Ableton live nine that has all the Ableton live system requirements.

Microsoft Surface Book 2:

Completing the list of the best laptops for Ableton without mentioning Microsoft Surface Book 2 is as inadequate as political philosophy without naming Plato. Being the premium model, this Ableton lives laptop has all the Ableton recommended specs and Ableton live specs. For example, the Intel Core i7 processor boosts its performance. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with a capacity of 6GB ensures a rich experience of using multiple software like playing games and using HD graphics. Moreover, Windows 10 OS is what you are looking for. The 15-inch vibrant display with 3260×2160 pixels of resolution gives a vivid visual experience.

When it comes to RAM and storage, this high-speed laptop is equipped with 16 GB LPDDR3 and 1TB SSD that lets you store your bulky files and enhances overall performance. In addition to Ableton 9 requirements, port connectivity is good to go in this laptop with a bright display. However, the price is hefty that will dry your pocket. But even with all this, the model is laden with performance and the best computer for producing music.


Last but not least, the best computers for producing music are the ASUS ROG Strix GL702VS. As ASUS is a name to trust on, so is this model we are reviewing.ASUS has beautified its design with good build chassis and stylish look. In addition to the plan, the computer specs for recording music confirm high-end performance where Ableton software is concerned. Coming to Ableton push two specs, Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB capacity, 12GB DDR4, 128 GB SSD along with 1TB 7200 rmp HDD and Windows 10 OS. The mentioned processor has a remarkable turbo boost technology that increases the performance of this Windows 10 Ableton.

Moreover, a graphics card gives you the most realistic experience while you are working on your music. In addition to this, memory and storage let you store files and work smoothly on Ableton software. Another Ableton recommended specs include a 17.3-inch display and a massive number of ports. In short, this model by ASUS is the best laptop for Ableton lives nine, thanks to its Ableton specs.

Things to consider before buying a laptop for Ableton (Buying Guide)

Ableton is one of the most famous music production software currently. But you need a powerful laptop to run this software. If your system is not powerful enough, you will face stuttering and crashing.

We are here to enlighten you on picking the best laptop for running Ableton. Your computer should be lightweight, pack a powerful processor, have high storage capacity, decent graphics card, and so on.

This article includes a comprehensive buying guide to help you pick the right laptop for running Ableton. So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

6 things to look for while buying a laptop for Ableton


Portability is a significant consideration while building a digital audio workstation. Gaming laptops can be ideal for audio editing as well because they have all the necessary features. However, we don’t recommend a gaming laptop because they tend to be heavier.

It would help if you had a powerful yet easily portable laptop. So you can edit your audio anywhere and easily carry it with you wherever you go. You may need to use this laptop for parties, studio rooms, and concerts. You need to have a portable computer to do that easily.

Laptops like the MSI GS65 Stealth-002 have a very compact metal alloy which makes the laptop lightweight.

A powerful laptop processor

You need a powerful processor to make all those audio edits smoothly. So, choose a laptop with a powerful processor for using Ableton. Ableton recommends at least a core i5 3rd gen. However, do not trust the official statement. Ableton will indeed crash on a 3rd gen i5 processor.

You need to look for laptops with a more recent processor. As per our experiment, a core i7 6th gen or a core i5 8th gen laptop should get you through the processes smoothly.

Decent amount of RAM 

You need to have a powerful variant and a decent amount of RAM to operate Ableton properly. Too much RAM of an older generation/lower BUS speed or too little amount of a high BUS speed is useless for this kind of setup.

You need to forget about DDR3 RAMs. Look for laptops with 8 GB DDR4 RAMS with a BUS speed of 2400 MHz or more. A better variant with an ample amount of RAM will be able to deal with the workload of Ableton.

Storage (HDD+SSD) 

Your laptop should have a significant amount of storage. Get a high amount of storage- as much as you can. Ableton Live will take 3GB of your laptop storage. However, you will need approximately an additional 81 GB of storage to store all of the sound contents.

Computer storage can be of two types: SSDs and HDDs. SSDs are the gold standard these days. They are fast and best suited for heavy tasks. But SSDs can become really expensive. A good laptop with 512 GB storage will cost you around $1500 at least.

If you need budget laptop, we recommend pairing your SSD with an HDD with bulkier storage. For example, a 128/256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. It will save you a lot of money. So, buy laptops with this kind of storage. If you have a flexible budget go for a 512 GB SSD.

Display resolution

Most laptop monitors come with good resolution these days. So, you don’t need to worry about it too much. You should have a decent quality monitor. It will not only protect your eyes but also show accurate colors while you work on any kind of project.

If you need official information, this is the required resolution of your display.

  • A MAC with a display resolution of 1280*800
  • Windows laptops require a 1366*768

So before buying a laptop for Ableton, remember this. Usually, you will get laptops with much higher display resolution these days.

Battery life

We hate laptops with poor battery life. Powerful laptops tend to have weaker battery life. Don’t let small batteries disrupt your work. Try to pick laptops that have at least 5-6 hours of battery backup. The bigger the battery, the better. Remember that battery health will deteriorate over time.

Software compatibility (Ableton)

Before buying a laptop, check for software compatibility. Make sure that your laptop is compatible with the latest version of Ableton. Let’s take a look at the software compatibility information for both MACs and Windows laptops.

For MAC:
  • Ableton Live 10 will run on MACOS Catalina 10.15.17 or higher.
  • Ableton Live 11 will run on High Sierra 10.13.
For Windows:
  • Ableton Live 10 will run on Windows 7 or higher.
  • Ableton Live 11 will run on Windows 10 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What laptop can run Ableton fast?

MSI GS65 Stealth series, 2019 MacBooks will do an excellent job at running Ableton. You can pick from a lot of other models. You can learn more about this in our review article on the best laptops for Ableton.

Can a MacBook Air run Ableton?

It depends on the version of the MacBook Air. Any MacBook Air since 2019 will ace the job quite easily. The Apple M1 MacBook is a beast.

Which version of Ableton should I buy?

It depends on your audio editing expertise and preference. If you are a beginner, go with the older versions of Ableton (versions before Ableton Live 10). You can upgrade when you become better.

If you have some sort of experience in audio editing and don’t mind spending the money for it, get at least an Ableton Live 10. It will give you access to all these amazing features.

Summarizing the tips

Ableton is a demanding software. You need to be careful and get the ideal setup for completing your audio editing projects. Don’t just go for expensive laptop or cheapest laptop. You need laptops with specific features to get the most out of Ableton.

Another vital thing to consider is the portability of your laptop. You need a lightweight laptop with the required specifications. Follow our guide and get the best laptop for your Ableton projects. A decent battery life will help as well.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, let us know. Thanks for reading. Take care!


To sum up, we can say that Ableton Live is one of the best Digital Audio Workstations. That requires portability in a laptop and speed, high performance, good graphics, long battery life, etc. In the light of the minimum and recommended specs, the above-reviewed laptops are the best in this regard that ensure operating Ableton and recording music with ease and comfort. They will run Ableton like random software. Such is an appeal of these best laptops for Ableton.

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