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Can You Overcharge AirPods? (Read This Fast)

It’s no wonder that for many Airpods users, the only time to charge them up is at night. You want to have all your gadgets fully juiced up before you go out for the day. These include your phone, your smartwatch, and your AirPods as well. After all, there is nothing more annoying than your Aipods running out of power in the middle of your work shift.

Charging technology has evolved a lot during the last decade. Many of the features that were considered impossible once are a new normal nowadays. Your AirPods are no exception. So with the latest charging tech under the hood, can you overcharge Airpods? Lets us deep dive and find the answer. 

Evolution Of Charging Technology

Probably you have heard stories about devices malfunctioning or exploding due to overcharging. Or you may have received tips to never charge your gadgets to their full capacity. Well, there was a time all these tips would have proven handy. Cause the battery tech a decade ago wasn’t as advanced as present time.

Now is the era of Lithium-ion batteries which you will find in most of the household gadgets you own. Lithium-ion batteries have brought a new dimension into the charging tech industry with faster charging time, longer backup, and improved safety. Thus you get more power and convenient charging from batteries half the size they used to be a decade ago.

Airpods Li-ion Battery

Can Your Airpods Be Overcharged?

So can you overcharge your Airpods? Will it explode and blow up your neighborhood? You can have annoying neighbors but sadly you can overcharge and explode your Airpods to drive them away. 

The lithium-ion batteries your Airpods come with boast an overcharge protection circuit. The circuit cuts off the power supply to the battery once it reaches its full capacity. This ensures you safe charging even if the power socket is plugged in for the whole night. In simple terms, there is no way your Airopds can be overcharged. 

How Long Should I Charge My AirPods?

The charging duration of your AirPods depends on their model. Your AirPods package consists of the Airpods and the charging case both of which need to be charged. The charging case holds multiple whole charges for the AirPods. Each full charge of the Airpods can take around 20 minutes. And for the charging case to be fully juiced up may take around an hour. Thus you can have your Airpods ready for the whole day while you get ready for the office.  

How To Make Your Airpod Battery Live Longer

Below are a few ways you can ensure better service life from your Airpods battery. 

Keep Them Away From Heat

Heat is one of the worst enemies of your Airpods battery. While increased heat may offer a sudden boost in performance, it will eventually degrade the life cycle of the battery. Thus you need to keep your charging case and Airpods away from any heat source as much as possible. This includes direct sunlight as well. So the next time you hit the beach, make sure to keep your AirPods in the shade. 

Water may cause moderate to heavy damage to the Airpods battery. Besides, severe water damage can even make the battery dysfunctional. Thus it’s wiser to keep all of your charging setups away from moisture sources. For any accidents related to water, you need to dry out the Airpods as fast as possible. 

Keep Charge Levels Adequate

Its always advised to keep the charge level of any gadgets within mid to full range. As every battery comes with an estimated recharge cycle, not pushing the battery to its limits does offer benefits. You will enjoy longer battery life as well as desired charging speeds by minimizing the stress put on the battery. 

Store In Safe Place 

Storage is another crucial factor you need to look out for. Storing Airpods in random places can allow dust to enter and cause damage. The most appropriate place to store them would be inside the charging case. You need to take good care of the charging case too as they are prone to damage under heavy stress. Thus always store them in clean and dry spots where they face any severe stress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do AirPods battery last?

Answer: With the latest Airpods, you can expect listening time up to 5 hours and talk time up to 3 hours with each full charge. 

How often should you charge your AirPods case?

Answer: It depends on the usage but is a good practice to charge up your Airpods at the end of the day. 

Should I leave my AirPods in the case?

Answer: It’s safer to store the Airpods inside the case when not in use. It keeps the Airpods free from scratches and dirt. 

How do you know that the AirPods are fully charged?

Answer: When inside the case, the green light on the case indicates the full charge of the Airpods. When outside the case, the green light on the case indicates the full charge of the case itself. 

Why are my AirPods dying so quickly?

Answer: You cant expect your Airpods battery to perform the same after several years of usage. With time, the lithium-ion battery starts degrading and thus drains faster than usual. 


Technology has come a long way and so has your Airpods. The latest Airpods and Airpods Pro offer crisp sound, solid build, and super convenient features. With improved battery backup, you can expect a full day of hassle-free service. All the fancy features need power. Thanks to the smart and efficient charging system you get all the power in the shortest time possible. 

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