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Dell PowerEdge R320

Dell is a name of trust and reliability. Dell has numerous customers worldwide due to its high-performance models that it comes with every year. Like earlier products, dell did not disappoint its customers with the model Dell PowerEdge R320. This model is a balanced combination of reliability, performance and affordability. Not only look, but in performance also, this high-end model is a strong competitor. This server has flexible computing power, simplified management, business scalability, security and data protection options that are enough to make it an ideal option for remote offices, small to medium businesses and enterprises.

Dell has designed it by combining purposeful design with excellent security, reliability and commonality. The PowerEdge R320 resembles the Dell 11G design that delivers core features, including simplified system management and energy efficiency. The result of this compact and precise combination is this impressive server that is helpful for customers of all sizes, lower IT-related costs, free up resources and reducing complexity.

Powerful Processing:

Coming to power and specs of this model at a glance, the Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors power it in a single socket chassis. Moreover, this high-speed server supports up to 10 cores per processor and 2.5 MB cache per core. In addition to this, this processor makes it possible for this server to run different applications and apps simultaneously without a sweat. In addition to this, the very processor is paired with six dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) and extensive reliability, serviceability and availability features. Not only this, two PCI Express slots that provide broad O/I bandwidth and ample memory also come with this model that makes it possible to sustain memory-sensitive applications and databases. That makes this high-performance server ideal for keep running intensive core business application apps with comfort.

Versatile Storage Options:

Except for processors, the memory and storage of this product are worth praising. Most importantly, memory and storage can be upgraded. This huge memory allows you to save large files and download huge applications and perform multitasking at the same time. With memory upgrades, Dell lets you operate more applications at once. In addition to this, upgrading memory in your system allows this model to handle additional work without compromising performance. The six total DIMM slots support up to 192GB of high-performance DDR3 RAM that operates 1600MT/s. In addition to this, up to four 3.5’’ hot-swap SAS, SATA, or solid-state hard drives supports the said RAM, adding capacity and performance of this high-speed server. Such is an appeal of this powerful processor server. But an important thing to remember is that storage and memory are upgradable.

Strong Performance:

Due to powerful specs, this model ensures high-end performance. Be it intensive apps, high-end applications, and more than one computing task simultaneously, the model we are reviewing is an emblem of robust performance. Its Intel Xeon processor and large memory options give an impressive performance. Moreover, the hard drives give some of the highest performance and reliability in the hard drive market. They provide the much-needed availability and fast data seek time for mission-critical applications. This model is ideal for file, web and print serving along with small-scale e-commerce and hosting. In addition to this, the advanced network options such as 10GbE NIC, 10GbE FCoE and Fiber Channel 8Gb HBA give benefit to small to medium businesses and remote sites.

Thus, it will not let your down with its performance and is a strong competitor in this competitive market. Dell Lifecycle Controller simplifies administrator tasks by performing a complete set of provisioning functions such as hardware configuration, system updates, system deployment and diagnostics from a single intuitive interface called Unified Server Configurator in a pre-OS environment. Having this ends the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of disparate CD/DVD media. With the Dell Lifecycle Controller server deployment automation, the R320 can run fast and be up.

In short, Dell PowerEdge R320 is a powerful and robust performing server that comes with flexible computing power, data protection, simplified management, business scalability and security options.

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