How To Turn Keyboard Light On HP Laptop? Solved!

How To Turn Keyboard Light On HP Laptop?

What’s more fascinating than turning off the lights at night, sitting down to play multiplayer games, and killing some bad guys. Well, it’s all fun and thrill until you lose track of the keyboard keys under the dark light. 

To make the night enjoyable for both gamers and casual users, HP has been offering backlit keyboards with its laptops for a long time. And in case you are new to this, you might be wondering how to turn keyboard light on HP laptop. So let’s find out. 

The Emergence Of Lighting Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the most essential components of a hp computer. Its primary function is to take commands from the user and convey it to the processing unit of the PC. Whether you are using a laptop or computer, the function of a keyboard is the same and is of immense importance. 

Now when it comes to laptops, the keyboard has always been tricky hardware to place. The hp laptops are no exception to this. Being thin and portable, the laptop offers very little space to offer quality keyboards with fancy features. 

All being said, HP has been doing justice to the keyboard community by offering reliable and functional keyboards with its laptops. This includes the hp omen laptop as well as the hp pavilion laptops And now with the rise of popularity of backlit keyboards, it’s no wonder HP has jumped on the trend. 

Finding Out The Backlit Keys On Your Backlit Keyboard

Laptops come in different sizes which are catered to meet various needs. So it’s obvious that the keyboard layout won’t be a generalized one. You cant expect your gaming laptop to have the same key arrangement as your business laptop. 

Finding the keyboard backlit key on the laptop has always been a bit tricky for new users. However, HP has done a pretty good job by offering a backlit light icon on its light key. In most cases, you will be able to find the backlit key along the function row of the keyboard. 

To be more specific, the icon is mostly printed along with the F5 or F6 keys. The icon looks like three lights flashing out of three square boxes side by side. So have a good look at the function row of your HP laptop keyboard it’s the icon is not found with the mentioned keys. 

Turning Your Backlit Keyboard ON

Now that you have found out the Backlit key on the keyboard, it’s time to turn on the keyboard backlight. But before that, there is another finding to do. It’s the function keys or shortly called the FN key

The FN key is generally placed along the bottom row of your keyboard besides the Alt, Ctrl, or the windows key. Now to have your laptop keyboard light turned on, you simply need to press the FN key and the Backlit key at once. That’s it and you will be able to see a bright light shining through the keys of your keyboard.

Turning Your Backlit Keyboard Off

If you are someone who uses the HP Laptop on the go, it’s not wise to have the keyboard light turned on always. Like all function on the laptop, the keyboard lights consumes power and thus may drain the battery quicker. 

Thus for better battery performance, you need to limit the usage of backlit lights during the night and completely off during the daytime. This is not a must in case you have a power source plugged into your laptop. 

The process of turning off the lights is as simple as turning them on. For this press, the function key and the backlit key at once, and the lights will turn off. It has to be mentioned that for many of the models the pressing the backlit key alone is enough to illuminate the keyboard light or switch them off. 

Adjusting The Brightness On Backlit Keyboard

You won’t be needing to have your keyboard lights at max brightness all the time. These scenarios arise when you are watching a movie at night and the keyboard lighting is drawing all the attention. 

Don’t worry as there is an option to adjust the brightness of your HP laptop’s keyboard as well. Most modern laptops offer adjustability options with the same backlit key. You have to press the backlit key multiple times and you will see the light toggling between dim and bright settings. Besides with software provided with many of the models, you will be able to adjust keyboard backlight settings with ease. 


This wraps up today’s discussion on how to turn keyboard light on HP laptop. it’s a handy function that will help you use the keyboard under low to no lighting.  Besides the basic lighting function, you will also be able to see a wide of options with higher-end laptops from HP. These include the HP Omen series which usually has dedicated software for customizing keyboard lightings. Have a good look at those in case you are into the keyboard lighting game.