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Why Are AirPods Pro Making Buzzing Sound? | Fixed!

Nothing is perfect in this world. So, Apple AirPods are not out of this phenomenon. No matter, how perfect or charming they’re, as an electric device AirPods also show some issues. 

One of the most common questions we found from AirPods users is, why are AirPods Pro making buzzing sound? Looking for the answer? Read through our article. 

Why Are Airpods Pro Making Buzzing Sound?

Recently, many users have found that their AirPods Pro making a high-pitched but low-frequency sound that’s reported as hissing or buzzing noise. The issue becomes more severe when the AirPods Pro is not in use.

Some users also reported that the issue is prominent in the right earbud compared to the left one. Initially, we have speculated that this could be a result of any technical defect. For instance, if there is any pairing issue between the host devices like iPhone, iPad, or others and the AirPods Pro. 

There are some other facts that can lead to this humming or buzzing noise, which are:

  • Faulty headset
  • Environmental disturbance
  • Low battery
  • Interference with other wireless devices
  • Obstruction in the connection 

How to Fix AirPods Pro Buzzing Issue?

As there is no definite cause for buzzing AirPods Pro, some solutions may not work properly. However, we have checked and established a universal fixing method that might work to rectify that issue. 

Before you start to fix the buzzing issue, you have to turn on the background sound feature of your AirPods Pro from the Audio Accessibility Settings. After that, select any song from the playlist and lower the volume to zero. 

Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. First up, go to the setting and find out the “Accessibility” page of your device. 
  2. There you’ll find the AirPods on the list. Just select your AirPods from the list.
  3. Now move to the Background Sound Section from the Audio Accessibility menu. 
  4. Then click on the Background Sounds toggle and turn it on. There you’ll see the default sound option. You have to keep it Rain
  5. However, you can choose others as well. Even though we recommend the Rain
  6. Well, press the volume button and level up the volume from zero. Hopefully, your problem will be rectified. 

Fixing AirPods Pro Buzzing Issue – Our Tips

If you still notice that annoying noise coming from your AirPods Pro, you should update the firmware to the latest version. Remember one thing that you have to keep the AirPods near to the device where they are connected. Besides:

  • Check your connected device is up-to-date. Your iPhone should have the latest iOS version. If not, you need to update it as soon as possible. We found it effective in most cases. 
  • As we said, you have to update your AirPods frequently to the latest firmware version
  • In case, the issue still exists, it’s better to contact the Apple service center. 

Update your Airpods firmware Update your IOS

If your AirPods are brand new, that means it’s under warranty period. So, it’s better to take the AirPods to an authorized service center. In the same cases, Apple replaces faulty products, when the issue can’t be resolved. 

However, some users have reported a little concern when their AirPods Pro is replaced. Generally, users need to wait to sync the replaced AirPods Pro to iTunes. Otherwise, there is no further difficulty. 

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Final Words

If I’m not wrong, you might have got your answer, why are AirPods Pro making buzzing sound? When you know the reason, it’s easy to resolve. Try our mentioned tips and guide to fix the issue.

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